The Straight Dope Lost and Found Desk

I’ve been thinking. We are up to some 40,000 members. We have people here from all over the world. Many of us are far-flung, and some travel quite a bit. We need to put this to work for all of us.

Like everyone else I have lost things as I have gone through life. Things just seem to disappear. But then things also mysteriously turn up. Not usually the things that are missing, though. But maybe one of YOU has found something I lost, or I have found something you lost.

So if you have lost something, post it here. If you have found something that isn’t yours but looks important, post it here. I’ll start.


  1. My copy of The Silmarillion. The last time and place I remember having it was on the campus of the State University of New York at Buffalo in the early to mid 1980s. I may have loaned it to someone. Also
  2. My copy of Peter the Great by Robert K. Massie. I loaned it to my brother, but he swears he doesn’t have it anymore. He may have misplaced it at Emerson College in Boston.

Anyone have these?

Found: A key. A sharp-eyed visitor noticed this key on a small ledge above our front door on the outside of our house about 5 years after we moved in. It looks like a house key but it doesn’t work on any of our doors. We are the first people to live in our house. Anyone lose a key?

Lost: One pair of Levi’s jeans.
Found: Half eaten jelly donut.

Lost - one fairly well worn youth, last seen in the late 1980’s please return immediately if found, reward.

Found - quite a few gray hairs and wrinkles also stiff joints and weakened eyesight, I am quite tired of looking after these and ready for their rightful owner to reclaim them, NOW

Found: a little tiny spider, brownish, with only seven legs. And gas.

Lost: Virginity. Left in a Clearwater Beach hotel circa 1978. If found please return. I’ll pay the shipping.

Geez Bugnorton, it must be some kind of cosmic coincidence…

But besides those:

Lost: One bank card.

Found: One two year old with a guilty look on his face.

Lost: One stuffed Snoopy doll, maybe 18" tall. Nose and much of the fur have been loved off, and head flops around due to being carried around by the neck for much of the 1970s. Last seen in Athens, Georgia in late 1992.

Found: One Nerf football w/Dallas Cowboys logo, still in box. Found in parking lot in Memphis in late 1999.

(Actually my dog ate the football a while back, but it would be neat to find out whose it was.)

Lost: My watch yesterday. I was playing in the rain -err, swimmin half nekked (but with shoes on) in the river- with a bunch of my friends and we found a neat, fast-going current that probably went over some pointy rocks and we rode it. I did it feet first style. A neat trip but now my watch, which I stole from my brother but he didn’t mind because he said he “hated the damn thing”, was swept away with the current. Possibly somewhere in the San Jacinto. Timex watch, velco strap, has an alarm, timer, stopwatch, and indigo feature. Tells time accurately. Used primarily for timing myself when running and keeping time. Water resistant to up to 1,000 meters. Which is good.

Found: Worn copy of Peter the Great a few years back when I was lookin desperately for something to read onetime. Was the first book that caught my eye, so I grabbed it. A very good book. Might not be Lagomorph’s though. Was it “His life and World”?

Lost: Worn copy of Peter the Great.

Lost: (er, pilfered) one 1967 perfectly gorgeous Guild 12 string guitar.

Found: one grey and white cat who enjoys knocking things over.

Lost: My sanity. Last seen near the BBQ Pit.

Found: A whole passel of trolls, idjits, morons, and dead hamsters. Owner please claim all but the hamsters, and in the future please keep same in their cages. Hamsters have been given a respectful burial, but this may be temporary, as my cat AND my dogs are eyeing the gravesite even as I post.

If the trolls, idjits, and morons are not promptly claimed, I’m going to use them for target practice. Just so you know.

My Gollum Ring. My Mom bought me one of these over a decade ago. AFAIK, my precious is somewhere in my living room. If you think it should be easy to find, you haven’t seen my living room. I lost the ring shortly after the Spiderman film was released. I often have dreams in which the ring is restored to me. By Cecil, how I miss that ring!

My Sennet, an ancient Egyptian board game. I had a $30 museum shop set that I bought for $2 at a garage sale. I loaned it to the kids of a coworker. She left the company. And I never really had a chance to ask for it back.

2 Bracers. One is part of a matched set, proffesionally made, hardened by boiling in wax etc. The other is a fine specimen I made from old leather belts.

A 3 foot tall Shogun Warrior. This just vanished years ago. Mom and Dad insist that they never threw it out. But nobody knows what happened to it.

My future.


The Will to live.


A breakfront

Ski poles

A 4 foot clear, hollow, plastic tube(presumably for covering fluorescent bulbs to prevent breaking).

Inflatable Darth Maul and Jar Jar Binks chairs

Lost: my 4.00 gpa, lost somewhere around the organic chem II class

Found: A huge bill for the book, anyone want to claim that one?

Lost: My (ex) high school boyfriends senior ring. Last seen in 1982 when I left it on top of a book case at my mothers for her to give him if he wanted to come get it.

Found: a pair of men’s Oakleys with yellow amber reflective lenses on top of a pool house roof. (They were “lost” again a year or so later. Wonder who has them now?)

Lost: my heart in San Fransisco …

Found: a really warped sense of humour.

Lost: a box full of old love letters, somewhere between my old house and my new house.

Found: a couple of old ( but neat ) bottles in the basement

Lost: I KNOW I had a Jethro Tull CD that had two different versions of “Fat Man” (among other great stuff…) Don’t think I loaned it to anyone…

Found: 1908 PA license plate. I know it musta belonged to someone at some time…

Lost at the beach: our only lighter.

Found at the beach: a hand-whittled soapstone bowl, tightly packed.

Lost: (stolen, actually!)

a trunk containing my only winter coat, a hand-made quilt I had had since I was 5, my stuffed basset hound named Cleo (also had since I was 5!) as well as other assorted belongings, most not of high monetary value but dear to me nonetheless, including my senior year HS yearbook, back in 1975, from the backseat of a car.


I’m still looking …



A paperback copy of “Revenge of the Baby Sat.” Small hole in the page containing the strip about Calvin’s opinions of jelly donuts. Last seen sometime between 1991 and 1994.

Silver Terminator “exoskeleton” action figure, last seen in Marin county CA, sometime before 1994. It may be under a daisy bush.


A “matchbox” metal toy of a UH-60 “Blackhawk” helicopter. Found near a daisy bush in Marin county CA, before 1994.

Lost: My hardbound copy of “Uncle Oswald”, by Roald Dahl. Loaned it to a friend, but never had it returned. I’ll scan friends bookshelves when I visit them, but so far no luck.

Mikie: Hope your spider is doing better. Did it make it’s own hot-air balloons from silk and methane?