the strangest people you ll ever meet

So I am talking about family and boy/girlfriends.

You know they are strange and I guess that s what you love most about them.
Get out of the closets! Tell as about the things they do :slight_smile: :smiley: (or even you?)
The boyfriend:

  • uses black nail varnish
  • has worn eyeliner in public

(yep-- that s the one who called ME dodgy… LOL)


  • dietary disasterous… I dont remember her ever not being on diet or saying “I am supposed to be on diet but today I ll make an acception”
  • she constantly tells me not to be so melodramatic (pssst… she is the dramatic one)

He has this funny laugh… like the coyote in the road runner cartoons… sounds like he is about to suffocate.

There might be enough place in gods closet for all of us… but it is getting sticky in here… step out into the thread and add something.


I’d have to say myself.

I’ve got the strangest attitude; I can handle most comments, but if anyone thinks I’m more stupid than I am, or lies to me, I’ll flip out at them.

I have the weirdest thoughts, and flightiest mind sometimes

I can survive for days withought sleep, but when I do crash, I can only sleep for 9 hrs, most

I am REALLY outspoken, IRL, but I don’t talk much online…

My dad is never wrong about anything. Once he has stated something as a fact, he will defend it to the death, even if you show him proof that he is unequivocally incorrect.

Case in point: He once made the claim that 6-legged spiders were far more poisonous than 8-legged spiders.

We tried to no avail to explain to him that the defining characteristic of spiders was that they have 8 legs, therefore there is no such thing as a 6-legged spider, therefore they cannot possibly be more poisonous than 8-legged spiders.

He refused to retract his statement. We gave up.

<banging head against wall>

My mom,
Acts like eating anything she likes is an orgasmic experience (complete with sound effects).
My stepdad,
Such a hypocondriac(sp?) he swears he can feel “ions” penetrating his flesh in a different climate.
My dad,
licks his finger to make sure he gets every miniscule crumb off his plate, if it weren’t covered in drool, you could eat off the plate when he’s finished with it!
My hubby become “the mighty hunter” when a defenseless housefly enters our house, it kills me how intent he gets with the flyswatter!
Now for me,
I tap dance in the rain, break into song in the grocery store to embarrass my kids, pick on my husbands friends by acting like a total pervert(the guys anyway. Hey it’s fun to drop a quarter then ask them to get it for me, openly oogling their backsides!) I’m also a klutz, but am pretty good at not falling down, though usually end up with some interesting bruises.

One of my aunts does this. It’s so annoying. :slight_smile:

When I first saw this thread title, I was going to say, “The people of the Straight Dope Message Board” because it’s totally true!!!

But, back to the OP:

My boyfriend brushes his teeth in the shower. Is this really odd or do a lot of people do this?

Welfy… I am your boyfriend I think :smiley:
Only that I am female… it saves time you know…



Yeah, that’s what he said, too. Still seems weird to me…

Wowee! You’re my boyfriend? How awesome! Granted, you don’t look anything like Ray, but you can be my other boyfriend. :slight_smile:

*Originally posted by Welfy *

uhmkay. Hi girlfriend. I am married to Upham and a girl called bulimic-claudia by the way. Just so you know you are the mistress.