The strongest man in, what?

One of my friends sent me this youtube link about the ‘Strongest Man’ in Egypt.

He claims that he got his incredible, 260 horse-power strength (measured by doctors from some test on his spine?) from God, and it is a gift. He also says around the 1:45 mark that he has a medical exemption from working since he is too strong…a manager wouldn’t be able to handle him.

He’s a chunky money (we find out that he drinks melted butter), and he’s obviously probably a little stronger than some guys, but what’s the dope on this?

Obviously…I know he’s a fraud, I’m not asking if he’s for real, I’m just asking if you even think he believes himself. Same goes for the presenters; they don’t appear to be subversively mocking him - they seem to be dealing with this entirely seriously.

I just thought some other people might fancy a laugh on a Friday morning!

If he changed his name to Chuq al-Norrs he might get more props in the West.

Wait… one horse has the strength of 115 men?

You’ve obviously never seen Ultimate Animal Cage Match: 115 Men vs. 1 Horse.

I thought it was 2 girls vs 1 cup. :confused:

It seems the coin trick is all he cares to demonstrate.

Full of more shit than a constipated elephant.

This is how you can tell he’s a fake. If I had the strength of 30,000 men I wouldn’t be getting a medical exemption, I’d get a job in a scrapyard. “What’s that sound?” people would say. “Oh, that’s just Grumman, crushing cars into cubes with his bare hands.”

He also goes on about how he might get angry, and hurt someone. That just makes him a prick, not blessed with super-human strength. We all get mad and could hurt people, but I don’t get fake coins and use it as an excuse to be a workshy layabout.

He also can’t go into a jail and he has to have sex with each of his four wives 15 times a day. Oh and he has never slept. What I don’t get is what is the point of this? A scam usually has motive or angle does it not? I think that medical exemption is just for being batshit loony.

He claims to have strength equivalent to 260 horsepower. Some back-of-the-envelope calculations would indicate that this is 143,000 foot-pounds per second.

That is quite a bit. I didn’t watch the whole segment - does he demonstrate this alleged strength in any other way that the coin breaking? I would be more ready to believe him if he would clean and jerk a ton or two just to show his heart is in the right place.

Plus, he can’t shake hands, but he can have sex? Maybe he has sex to keep from masturbating.


Anyone can make any claim they want. Substantiating the claim is the hard part.

This man doesn’t provide any evidence at all, or at least none worth the name. Since we never see the coins in their initial state, we don’t have any reason to believe they were unbroken or un-bent in the first place. Note that no-one asks him to either straighten the second coin, or to put a second bend in it at an angle to the first, both of which would be impressive ways to support his claim. Complete tripe.

So you say. But, can you prove it?

I like the part where the interviewers ask the wife if she ever gets beaten. You know, beaten like a boss.

Sorry, I don’t know how to make a spoiler box, but the answer is, “Allah be praised.”

Would anyone like to join me for a refreshing drink of melted butter? I’m buying!


You mean you haven’t seen the wall poster bar graph showing the strength of various mammals in terms of SEFU’s, or Standard Equine Force Units? Well, I have, and sure enough, next to “human” there’s just barely the hooves and ankles of one horse, and the notation ( 1/115 or a horse).

Seems completely legitimate to me. I think you guys are just jealous that you don’t have a medical exemption from work so that you can have sex with your 4 wives, 15 times a day.

Is it 15 times total, or 15 times with each wife? Because I can go 15 times a day easily, but if I had to do it 60 times a day I’d probably be a bit tired after the 5th day or so.

The guy goes to his doctor and says, “Doc, I got a problem, and I hope you can help me.”

The dotor says, “OK, tell me about it.”

The guy says, “Just to give you an idea of my situation, my wife and I wake up early, and usually we have sex in the morning before we get up.Then we go off to work, and the woman I car pool with gives me a blow job in return for giving her a ride to work. Then at work, usually I duck into the copy room with my secretary and knock one off. I am having a affair with my boss, and she and I usually stop off at a hotel after lunch and screw each other. Then I generally get home before my wife, so I boff the cleaning woman. Then when my wife gets home, we sometimes go over to the neighbors, who are part of a swinging club and swap wives for sex. Then we go back home, have sex one last time, and go to sleep.”

The doctor says, “So, what is your problem?”

The guy says, “Well, it hurts when I masturbate.”