The "Sunday Best " Syndrome..Do You have It?

What I’m talking about is that suit that is only for “Sunday Best”…but you never seem to wear it! When I was a boy, i had a camel hair blazer, which my mother said was “too good” for everyuday wear…so it sat in my closet, never worn!
The same extends to other things…my mother has a cabinet full of very expensive limoges china and waterford crystal glasses (the glasses cost about $76.00 each) They sit there, year after year (only taken out to be washed and polished). She NEVER uses the damn things!
Do you have a similar object…that is just too goood or valuable for everyday use?
Reminds me about the guy who paid $240,000 for a bottle of 1760 vintage wine (from Thomas Jefferson’s cellar)…he never planned to drink the wine!
Why do people behave this way? :confused:

I have no idea what drives people to that. I don’t believe in saving things (dinnerware, glassware etc) for “special occasions”. I try to use the “good stuff” everyday*. What is the point having stuff and never using it- thtat is such a waste. Heck, sometimes I even dress up in nice clothes for work mid week- it really throws people (I have a very casual dress code).
I can, however, see parents setting aside dress clothes for kids, so they wont be wrecked from being worn while playing outside and still be good for church, out to dinner etc… but they would get worn.

*I don’t have high dollar china place settings no room for that, I have plain old FiestaWare for everyday- just to clarify that I am not using Notake fine bone china on a daily basis. :slight_smile: I do however drink my DrPepper out of a large Tiffany wine glass :smiley:

Yeah, I definitely have this tendency with clothes, although I’ve gotten better about it in the last couple of years.

I’m usually a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and will leave my nicer stuff (silk shirts, etc) in the back of the closet for parties and dates. I guess not wearing them regularly has a benefit though - when I actually do wear them, it makes me feel a little bit special (jeez, I sound like such a girl! :smiley: )

I have moral qualms about wearing clothes that need to be dry cleaned unless there’s a “business case” for wearing them. For example, if it’s a job interview or I’m giving a business presentation, I figure I am being judged on professional dress. If it’s just friends and family and church, I’m pretty sure they don’t expect me to spend $8 (or more) to wear an outfit for them. So I make a real effort to avoid dry clean only, except for a few key basics.

I do have one garment I almost never wear: a cream-coloured shirt with brightly coloured trim, made by a professional weaver in Oaxaca, Mexico. My dad got it when he interviewed her. It doesn’t really go with anything, but it’s Special so I won’t get rid of it. And I do wear it from time to time. Same goes for the McLauchlin tartan wool shirt that my grandmother wove.

…on a recent visit to my parents, my mother asked if I would like some wine glasses…these were in the original box…they had been given to her as a 40th anniversary present…about 9 years ago! :smack:

I think I have the opposite syndrome. I like wearing ties and stuff, but I have no life, so I’m usually all dressed up with no place to go.