The Super Bowl and Roman numerals

Today was the 48th Super Bowl, or Super Bowl XLVIII. What will next year’s be? Will it be XLIX or IL?

XLIX. 2 more years to the big L.

Xlix sounds like a chocolate bar.

XLiX sounds like a condom brand.

It’s not standard Roman numerals to put an I in front of an L.

Some kind of combination laxative and lollipop.

Tangentially, why in the hell do we do this? We don’t talk about World Series CX coming up this fall, and while they do like to talk about the numberth running of the Kentucky Derby, we feel no need to make it Kentucky Derby CXL.

My personal hunch, other than “it’s always been done that way”, is that it slots nicely into the silly “football is WAR” martial character that we like to attach to American football. But I’m not entirely sure why I think that, as it’s not like we’ve had a whole hell of a lot of numbered wars; WWI and II, of course, but that’s about it when it comes to using Roman numerals. No Punic War I, II and III, for example. Perhaps the Romans are just associated w/ combat, w/ that whole conquering most of the known world thing they did.

How about movie sequels?

Heh. Superbowl ‘L’. I wonder if they will use that?

‘L’ Just a big 'ole capital L.

Maybe they’ll do something like ‘XXXXX’ :smiley:

Two reasons, LawMonkey, 1) It looked good for the TV logos for the first few Super Bowls and has stuck even now that it is getting old enough that the numbering system is a little awkward. 2) it works better than years because the season crosses New Years (ie. the 2013 season’s Super Bowl being played in 2014)

Yeah, but years are better because nobody remembers the numerals, whether their Roman or not.

In future years nobody outside of Seattle is going to specifically identify SB-48, but they might remember Seattle winning it in the winter of 2014. Just my opinion of course.

The Roman numeral thing is just the NFL being its pretentious no-fun-league self.

That is for the ultra-porn version of the game.

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I have seen IL used in some places (older books, for example), but XLIX is the preferred usage. (Technically, 1999 can be MIM, but I always saw it as MCMXCIX - that is, 1000 + 900 + 90 + 9. The Wikipedia listing in this thread appears to have the “standard” usage for smaller letters before larger ones.)

I wonder who will play in the Super Bowl of Love (LV), and who’ll get licked in LIX.

And you’ll get the guys with juvenile senses of humor (like me!) who ask the same question about LXIX.

Yeah, I suppose that will lead to switching to “50”, just so it does not look strange onscreen.

Many, many years from now, if man is still alive, if woman can survive, we will have Superb Owl M(artin)L(uther). Perhaps by that time they can figure out a way to get “K” into the numbering system.

The one with five ‘wardrobe malfunctions.’ :smiley:

And about the Roman numerals - I had always thought that at least the press would start using Arabic numbers by Super Bowl XXXVIII. Obviously I was wrong.

The Roman numerals evoke the spirit of the gladiators.

Never mind that it looks pretentious to the point of silliness; that’s the sort of thing the Super Bowl is about.