The t-shirt the NSA won't let you wear

Bastards! Jack booted thugs! Or at least that’s how it appears.

The shirt does seem to be available here however (shhhhh)

I suppose it might be a trademark violation.

It’s good satire, but that’s not really unreasonable (or unexpected).

Parody is a defense to a trademark infringement or dilution action. Though, if this article is accurate, it will cost you to go to court and win, and it can be tough to establish all of the elements for a successful parody defense. Incidentally, Salon really needs to add the rest of the National Security Agency Act of 1959 section they are claiming the NSA cited to them. As it is, I went, “Whaaaat!? The NSA can’t enjoin someone from using the acronym NSA.” The full section (15a) of the Act (codified for that section at 50 USC 3613) reads:

Which is a little different than what Salon was claiming.

I am a fan of this particular t-shirt referencing our new electronic overlords.