The Taliban do have a sense of humor after all

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Next, they’ll report that they have “narrowed down possible hiding places” to a small area of Washington, DC.

So, has anybody tried to capture Dubya yet?:slight_smile:

That’s about the funniest thing I’ve seen in the entire nasty business. I do hope they were joking, yes? I mean it’s not like that would ever work in the real world…?

You don’t suppose that Cloin Powell would…

But maybe Cheney…

Well, this would be a way for Bush Sr. to get back some the money he’s spent raising his boy…and he and Cheney probably get along pretty well…


I’m sure Cheney wouldn’t mind being President…

Oh yes, for the humor - impaired, I AM KIDDING!

Har har! Those wacky guys. I’d really like to see the Taliban try to come up with the 50 million.

“Now remember everyone, you need at least 51% of the body to claim a reward. Got your Bush-whacking mallets ready? Okay! LET’S GO!!!”

Well, it would beat the Hell out of Pay Per Post, that’s all I know.

An industrial strength coffee maker, part of a crop duster, what?

A Taliban rep said in a statement from one of their last stronghlods that we should just forget about 9/11 and move on.

Now thats funny.

OK let’s say I take up the jauntlett and decide to risk the evil jungles of Washington DC to hunt out that wild beast commonly called George W. I swim the swampy shark infested waters of the Potomic to enter the dangerous habitat of my prey. I sulk thru the congressional battle grounds leary of getting caught in a boondoggle. The Washington Memorial is before me. It majestically rises to the sky as a great phallic symbol of the USA. After much maneuvering I find myself in the oval office hidden behind a potted palm. The George W. enter his normal play ground. As I watch this creature become complacent in his work, I spring my trap. I quickly load the sedated beast into my Humvee and head for Afghanistan to collect my reward.

Well would they pay me in cash or check? If they offer a check, should I take it considering all of the assets that have been frozen.? Do you think an American Express card would be good for payment? What is the exchange rate for Afganistan money in the world market?

I need to know before I sell my catch or else I will just have to find another market.


with all the fucking saudi oil money behind them i bet they would not have a flinch at raising 500 million in a second…

and i bet they are completly serious, but what good would the money do you when there is nowhere for you to hide? maybe we should ask asshola bin laden…