The Taste of a Woman

Anybody else think “the taste” of a woman is the best tasting thing is the world?

No, I’m afraid that honor has already been bestowed upon Cheez-Its.
[sub]:: munches a handful of Cheez-Its ::[/sub]

I’d have to say it depends on the woman

I personally have never eaten a woman.

Tabouli. Definitely Tabouli. That is the best tasting thing in the world. We took a vote (sorry friedo) and tabouli won.

There was this place at the Food Court in the Glendale Galleria (California) that sold the best tabouli.

Pickled okra is also damned good. Yes, you read that right. Pickled okra.

Hmmm… pickled okra sounds a lot like the taste of a woman who hasn’t bathed in a week to me.

BBQ or “Plane wreck in the Andes” style?

So are people white meat or dark meat? Like, I think eating a woman (or a man) would taste like pork. A friend of mine thinks more red meat tasting.

Incidentally, the best tasting thing in the world is crunchy Cheetos. Has anyone ever opened a bag of those and found themselves continuously drawn to them every few minutes. Very addictive.

Are condiments like whipped cream or chocolate allowed?


Okra? Hibiscus esculenta also Known as “Lady’s Fingers” ?
s’pose it depends where the lady has had her fingers:D

Depends on what part you’re eating, I’d say.

Indeed the feet can taste not unlike Cheez-its.

I’m locking off this plane crash of a thread, and if you don’t like it, you can eat me.