"The Team That Goes The Extra Mile To Make You Feel Special"

The thread title is the new slogan that airline Cathay Pacific was planning to roll out in an ad campaign this week. The problem is that last week some photos went viral showing two Cathay Pacific employees performing a sex act in a plane’s … um … cockpit. And now no one can recite the slogan without giggling.

Story here.

They are going to hold off on releasing the new ad campaign until later? When would be a good time? People will remember this. Plus, it still has innuendo even if this didn’t come to light. You know people do eachother anywhere, even if it’s not documented. They do themselves as need be. You need to walk around after an hour or two, start talking to that lady that you’ve been eyeing since you’ve been drinking that last round of rum and cokes (after your 4th round at the airport bar) and everyone gets into the bathroom. That’s why there’s turbulence.

Wait, what? And all this time, I’ve been drinking crappy miniature bottles of white wine, and watching something called Parks and goddamn Recreation, like a chump? Why was I not informed?