"THE Television Event Of The Year" (AMC: The Prisoner))

Anyone else notice this?

They seem to be “piggy-backing/intermingling” the clips from The Prisoner with the Mad Max Trilogy.

Here’s an example:

We’re being shown rapid-fire clips from the Prisoner wondering where he is (ostensibly trying to escape), and then next thing you know, there’s Mad Max saying, “You wanna get outta here? You talk to me.”

Well, unless you knew that was ol’ Mel (which I didn’t, at first, not having been a fan of MM), you’d think that was part of The Prisoner promo ad.

It doesn’t air till tomorrow night, (and I’ll watch it, but I was a fan of the original, so they’ll REALLY have a long way to go to imptress me), so maybe y’all will get a chance to see the ad I’m talking about and comment here?

I need fixin’ bad !:eek:

I’m EPL, near East Wall Tower and I don’t know of a “friendly” anywhere?

Hope I don’t have to hearth out?




No. I goofed.

My Bad.

I keep going back and forth from WoW to here and sometimes I land on the wrong thread.

I TRIED to catch it, but I guess I was too late.

My apologies.


Heh, no worries. Was just confused if I was missing some really weird 'Prisoner" reference :slight_smile:

They are connecting their Mad Max marathon, their Matrix marathon, and their Prisoner premiere into some kind of weird event.

I don’t get it either, really.