The Terminator Vs Polar Bear

How 'bout a terminator polar bear, i.e. a cyborg with polar bear appearance. Could even the T-1000 take on that and win?

Eventually, I suppose, but it would be a real drag-out fight. Without aids the Bearminator can’t even harm the T-1000, and the T-1000 is faster than the Bearminator, so the latter can’t run away.

as played by James Gandolfini?

Bearminator… :snicker:

What if we could give the polar bear one weapon? I’d give him a phased plasma pulse-laser in the forty watt range.

Unless the polar bear is Iorek Byrnison or one of the other Panserbjørne, that’s not likely to help; you need opposable thumbs for those things.

Effective enough that snow doesn’t melt on it.

But I would susspect a polar bear could also rip out Bill Paxton’s heart as easily. Also the stories of normal grizzly bears being able to peel open vehicles makes me think this is not nearly as one sided. The terminator body has many joints, which are only a couple of inches diameter. What is the maximum strength that a small mobile powered joint can have? Though it took explosives to break the terminator in half, explosives can’t take advantage of leverage that a bear might use.
I think it is possible that a polar bear is stronger than a terminator, we don’t have much indication of a terminators maximum strength but I don’t remember one doing anything brute strength wise that an adult Orangutang couldn’t do.

Aaaahhhh. A 1920’s style death ray.


Hey, nothing fancy, just what you see on the shelves.

Nit: Wasn’t it “the forty megawatt range”?

Even if the cold doesn’t make the Terminator’s limbs snap off, it might make them freeze up. If its coolant isn’t good down to -40 degrees, then Skynet might end up with a high-tech piece of sculpture trying to fight a polar bear.


I mean, um, yes. Yes. Yes it was, before 1994’s assault weapons ban. :smiley:

Well of course. 40 watters are just toys for children, they don’t even scorch things well. 40 megas are really quite lethal.

Sounds like it could grab all five positions on the Threat-Down.

See, I told you it was old technology.