The Terror Movie with Jack Nicholson

I looked up THE TERROR, a Boris Karloff -Roger
Corman movie that was on the other night on tv, on the internet, but I can’t find anyhthing on it except how to send away for it and buy it. I wanted to know who that actress was who played the role of the wicked witch. She isn’t credited in any of the movies for sale sites I looked at. She looks so familiar and has often been in movies and on tv as someone strange. She looks somewhat like the actress who played the wife of town drunk Otis Campbell on the old Andrew Griffith Show, and I am wondering if that is she.
I did find out that the heroine was Nicholson’s wife in real life for four years. You wouldn’t even know that was him while watching the movie, as he looked completely different. Also, I wonder where that castle was that this horror movie was filmed in…

According to IMDb, it’s Sandra Knight.

A great bit of movie trivia: Scenes from “The Terror” were shown in the film “Targets.” Nicholson can be clearly seen. People get very annoyed when I count that as one of his film appearances.

Sandra Knight was the beautiful girl who was possessed by the soul of the baroness and she was also the wife of Nicholson for four years in real life. But thanks for the site, as that credits correctly the witch as Dorothy Neumann who played several such parts and was otherwise a secretary in the background. I knew she looked familiar, and she WAS MRS. OTIS CAMPBELL on three episodes of the Andy Griffith Show,1960. As the site shows, she was also the Crone of Cawdor on a BEWITCHED episode of 1964, and I remember that episode. She was so …plain looking, strikingly homely.
I think she was also on another BEWITCHED episode that I don’t see her credited for in which Endora changed a beautiful girl into her briefly.

Glad the site helped, sorry I goofed on picking the wrong actress; it’s been years since I’ve seen that movie.

For a little more trivia, The Terror was filmed in only three days on the same sets as The Raven as they were being torn down. (They kind of winged it on the script, too).

I thought THE TERROR was filmed sporadically over several months. I remember reading that it was obvious because nicholson grows progressively balder as the film goes on.

Nicholson must have turned bald very fast. According to the IMDB, “The Terror” was filmed in four days.

So what movie am I thinking of, then? This has already been eating at me. I’m almost positive it was Nicholson.