The Theme From "Band Of Brothers" Used With NFL Footage?

I don’t know, y’all. That series is kinda special to me because I think my Dad would have liked it, even though he wasn’t in Easy Company during WWII, and I sure got a nice glimpse of what it must have been like for my Dad and his buddies during that time.

So when I was watching Sports Machine with George Michael last night, and they played that theme while they showed some NFL players “getting close”, I kinda felt uncomfortable.

Did any of the rest of you see it and what did you think? My thoughts are that that music belongs to Band of Brothers, and it should be left alone, but then I’m old and old-fashioned, and y’all might see it differently.



I saw the miniseries, and liked it so much I bought the DVDs. Unlike Saving Private Ryan, which I saw at the theater and so moved me I refuse to ever watch it again (so as to not lessen the effect the first viewing had on me), I can sit down and watch BoB whenever I want.

I agree: people should leave the music alone. But, the times being what they are with rampant commercialization of anything no matter how sacred, I’m not the least bit surprised they swiped it.