The thinnest Americans are Asian Americans, CDC data shows.

I’m not sure a study was needed. Anyone walking around a crowded mall can’t help but notice the younger Asian-Americans are usually thin.

But they still suffer hypertension and cholesterol problems. I find that surprising.

I wonder how much diet factors into this? Soy sauce is loaded with salt. I rarely eat at Chinese restaurants, but isn’t that food in general high in salt? Plus by now many Asian-Americans are eating the same fast food diet we all enjoy.

Food at Chinese restaurants usually isn’t what Asians eat at home. Plus a majority of Asians probably eat Western food most of the time anyways. It’s probably due to mostly genetics (metabolic rates). In China today, the obesity rate isn’t too high but the number of people with diabetes is exploding. This probably indicates that their diets and lifestyle aren’t very healthy but genetics helps them avoid much of the weight gain. I personally only work out occasionally and often eat a lot of junk food like 6+ donuts in one sitting but I’ve avoided the freshman 15 and actually lost weight at college. In my first year, I lost about 10lbs and 1 inch off my waist.

Unless they all secretly run Chinese restaurants.

So you’re checking out the young Asian chicks at the mall?

You and me both, pal. :smiley:

Hopefully America will come to terms with her rising obesity, by adopting the earlier Chinese tradition of revering not merely the elderly, but the grossly fat, as treasures to be admired.

A 400-lb-der will be considered morally better — because richer — than those he or she overshadows. Which is as logical as the reverse moral judgement.
Perhaps Mike & Molly are harbingers of a bright new future for the extra-sized portion of the citizenry.