The Third Annual Wendell Wagner U.K. Tour

I’m going to be in the U.K. for most of August. I would like to organize a Dopefest or two to meet people while I’m there. I’ll probably be flying to the U.K. overnight Saturday, July 30th, so I’ll be available for a Dopefest as soon as Sunday, July 31st. I’ll probably be flying back on Saturday, August 27th. The things that are set that I must be at are the World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow from Wednesday, August 3rd to Tuesday, August 9th and the Tolkien get-together in Birmingham from Thursday, August 11th to Monday, August 15th. I could spend the first several days in London if we do a Dopefest there. I assume that I’ll be flying into Heathrow or Gatwick.

I’m bumping this since it’s Monday morning now.

Any of those dates/places (apart form Glasgow) should be fine for me. I’ll let others with more restrictive schedules chime in…

Unlikely that Twisty or myself will make it, but we’ll post if we decide to head over to London.


I need somebody to make a suggestion here. Since no one has yet, how about a Dopefest starting at 2:00 PM Sunday, July 31st, at some pub in London? I’ll let one of you suggest a pub.

OK, we have a plan. 2pm, Sunday 31st July, The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Link here

Oh well - I’ll be away that weekend (and the week following) - one day I’ll actually make a London dopefest…


O.K., so I guess we’re agreed that it’s going to be at the Silver Cross on Whitehall. Look’s to me like the nearest tube station is Charing Cross. Now a harder questio: Can someone suggest to me a B and B or a hotel, not terribly expensive, that I can stay at in London on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday evening (the 31st through the 2nd), before I take off for Glasgow)? I suppose it would be nice to stay at someplace near the Silver Cross, since that’s the only planned event on my agenda in London, but if everything around there is too expensive, I’ll take any place I can get to by tube.