The thrill of victory, and THE AGONY OF DEFEAT

Since it’s Winter Olympics time again, I thought this interview would be apropos. For many years, Vinko Bogataj (pronounced bo-ga-tie) had no idea he was an American icon; he just remembered taking a nasty fall and walking away with a concussion.

Not often that a Dethroning Moment of Suck doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome, eh? :slight_smile: (And yes, I said exactly as much on TVTropes.)

I always thought this was a weird choice to illustrate defeat. “Defeat” implies, well, losing to someone. The Denver Broncos were defeated in the most recent Super Bowl. Our women’s hockey team was recently defeated by the Canadians. A ski jumper wiping out isn’t a defeat, it’s a failure. A tumble, if you will (literally in this case).

Why didn’t ABC go with a boxer lying in pain on the mat after being knocked out? Just as visceral and makes a lot more sense.

no he had trouble with defeat.

What an awful slope they had back then! It’s hardly as wide as a car, for goodness sakes, then covered with ice at the bottom. One inch to the left and there it goes.

And the guy was fine??? Well, concussion, but nothing broken? Yikes.

I know - though you have to admit that the half pipe prep this Olympics has been pretty sucky.

Really, what the fuck guys - there are bumps in some of the skiing/boarding runs [or wherever they were spraying a few days back] Why are you spraying instead of gettting the fuck out there with some rakes and shovels, removing crap to flatten it/round it/whatever it needed and then spraying snow on top.

BTW, Mr. Bogataj is now 65 years old and is a well-known artist in Slovenia.