The Tony Danza Show

Lo and behold, the guy named Tony, who only plays characters named Tony, is getting his own talk show.

Sadly, this will be on the air for a full year, thanks to daytime programming.

At least I sleep all day, so I’m extremely unlikely to ever actually see this sure to be stultifyingly dull show.

With a theme song by Elton John. :slight_smile:

Ya know…

When I hear about something like this I realize that there might be some advantages to having new Arabic Overlords…

Don’t forget, he’s the Boss. :eek:

Andy Warhol supposedly said, “In the future everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” I think it will be a little different. Instead, I think in the future everyone will appear on a talk show as either a host, guest or audience member.

Talk show? Wasn’t there a sit-com called the Tony Danza Show a few years back?

Looks like Ericka from “The Apprentice” is jumping aboard.