The Top 40 "One and only" game

Can you come up with a song from the Billboard Top 40 that is the “one and only” in its category?

“Timothy” - The Bouys (only hit about cannabilism)

“SOS” - ABBA (only song whose title is a palindrome performed by a group whose name is also a palindrome)


Okay, how about “The Lord’s Prayer,” a #4 hit by Sister Janet Mead in 1974.

The only top 40 single with lyrics by Jesus.

“Dominique” by The Singing Nun- the only top 40 single by a nun. It also may be the only one by a Belgian and the only one sung in French (“Love is Blue” had French lyrics, but was an instrumental).

Not the only nun- as I mentioned earlier, the Australian nun, Sister Janet Mead, hit the top ten in 1974.

To the best of my knowledge, the Police’s “Wrapped Around Your Finger” is the only pop song that contains the word “fruition”.

…and Mephistopheles

and Scylla and Caribdas

Anyone got a link to a site with past Top-40 songs?

This gives you the #1 hits for for each week in the USA, UK and OZ for several different years.

Ok, I believe I have a twofer…or a "take your pick"er…or somethin’…

Baby Girl and Something More by Sugarland. These are the first two singles released off of their debut album, Twice The Speed Of Life. I honestly can’t remember if Baby Girl made it to #1 or not, but I know it made it at least to #2.

Aside from Baby Girl being the longest running country single in Billboard’s chart history, and aside from both singles having been on the charts at the same time, these are both the first country hit singles co-performed and co-written by an “out” lesbian performer, Kristen Hall.

K.D. Lang hit the top 40 with Constant Craving, but not on the country charts.

Something More also climbed to the #3 spot this week, so I look forward to many other firsts and “one and only” 's from this great group.

The Singing Nun (actual name on recording was “Soeur Sourire”) hit #1 in 1963, well before Sister Janet Mead.

To the best of my knowledge, the Police’s “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” is the only pop song to rhyme “cough” with “Nabakov”.

As any MST3K fan can tell you, “Timothy” was a DUCK![ul]
[li]“Man in the Moon” - REM (only hit to mention a professional wrestler)[/li][li]“Who are You” - The Who (only hit whose title contains the name of the group who sang it)[/li][/ul]

Except for “In a Big Country” by Big County, “Stray Cat Strut” by the Stray Cats, “Stars on 45” by the Stars on 45, and probably some others

No, and not even the first to do it: “Yellow Balloon” by Yellow Balloon hit #25. Bo Diddley also had an earlier hit with “Bo Diddley,” but that was not on the main Billboard charts.

Just got around to seeing this thread.

Sorry to be a naysayer, but this has to be the lamest thread on any subject. Using the criteria selected by the posters on this thread so far, every song that charted on the Top 40 would probably qualify as the only one to contain a reference to a particular country, state, city, place, mountain, object, whatever not to mention the first to rhyme together any two words.

And I thank you for your concise, entertaining entry.

And likewise for your polite and civil response.

The Buoys always insisted Timothy was the mule they took into the cave with them.

Of course they “insisted” with a smile and a wink.