The top 50 loose ends of Lost

Another website has put together a list of 50 loose ends from Lost . No real spoilers if you have been watching the show. I’m not sure if anyone wants to discuss it but I do know there won’t be much else to discuss about the show until February.

So no one else has to do it I’ll just get this out of the way: Lost sucks, the first episode/season/commercial break was good but it went down hill after there.

I’ve seen that site. The problem is they seem to clump together the genuine good stuff with the stupid stuff.

I’ve completely accepted that the island is a “magical” sort of place. That’s what drives the show.

That doesn’t give the writers carte blanche to just introduce every bit of crazy shit that pops into their heads if it’s never going to be explained.

Take the tree eating monster for example:


  1. It has nothing to do with the island ( e.g. used to generate power, or a random destructive force) but is rather just something to make the viewer tune in because “oooh, look at that giant tree eating thing”. It’s totally manipulative of the viewer.


  1. It does have something to do with the island, but apparently, I need to wait at least 40 episodes to find out what, and in the meantime have about 50 other things introduced that seem designed solely to make the viewer go “ooooh”. . .or are actually part of the larger mystery.

As I said in the recent Wire thread. . .that show has made me realize just what it means to have a well-thought out, well put together show where motivations are consistent, and details that are introduced are fleshed out as they pertain to the larger storylines.

I challenge anyone to watch the Wire and tell me how they can still tune into junk like Lost.

Because sometimes you don’t want to watch another cop show?

In the same way that I can eat a gourmet meal one day and a candy bar the next. And yes, I love my candy. If you wish to look down on me for that, I’m not going to be bothered by it.

I’ve completely put Lost out of my head until Feb. The jury is still out on whether I tune in then or not.

I read the Entertainment Magazine interview with the LOST execs (Lindelf, Cuse, Abrams) chatting it up with Stephen King. It was very revealing. Most revealing is that, like King, these dudes seem to just be making it up as they go along as opposed to really having the show planned out.

They drew a lot of parallels between King’s style and Lost’s style, but failed to mention the biggest thing (I thnk) SK is known for…Stephen King is known for writing books with really good characters but surprisingly unfulfilling endings.