The travels of Boji the vagabond

More on Boji, the commuter dog in Istanbul. Originally posted here, although the video seems to have disappeared. But in any case the CNN article below has far more pictures.

Boji is the archetypal vagabond, an obviously intelligent, good-looking dog who would make a perfect companion for any dog lover, except he wants none of that stuff. He’s totally a free spirit, and spends his days traveling the streetcars, subways, and ferries of Istanbul, and has become a sort of mascot for the transportation authority, who cares for him, has had him vaccinated and tagged, and feeds him when he hasn’t found food elsewhere. He especially loves the ferry rides, because he loves water, and barks at the waves the ferry makes.

This bit is supposed to show that although he’s almost a perfect dog, he does have his faults when it comes to cats – to which I can only say, bravo, Boji! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: (Hey, cat lovers, just kidding!)

If there’s anything Boji doesn’t like, it’s cats … Boji sees a cat in the distance, he just chases it up. I saw him do it three or four times. Chases them up trees and stuff. He really dislikes cats.

But apart from that, he’s totally a perfect dog. Just wanders around. Everybody pats him. He’s super happy.

But here’s the best part, describing Boji the Free Spirit:

McGrath said the municipality will soon be putting up information posters about Boji on the transit system, giving people some guidance about how to interact with him.

Just don’t expect the dog to take directions.

“He doesn’t listen to anybody”, McGrath said. "Like if you do try to tell him something, he just ignores you basically. Lots of people say, ‘Oh, come over here. sit here,’ and he just ignores it, he goes where he wants to go.

“He’s really that sort of spirit. He just wants to go and do his own thing and travel around, and he’s quite content doing it.”

Really quite amazing, when you think about it.

Here’s Boji enjoying one of his ferry rides:

And the last picture in the series, Boji the Free Spirit:

Full article:

Oh, man. I love this.

He reminds me of Dillon Villian.
He, also is a free spirit and ignores all commands.

I hope Boji never changes.

I showed this to my sister when the CNN article was posted. She used to live in Istanbul. Back in the '80’s & '90’s, Istanbul would put down poison to kill street dogs. The police would publish warnings to prevent people from taking the poisoned meat.


How depressing! I suppose the good news is that they seem to have become enlightened in later years. Boji the Happy Vagabond appears to be well taken care of, and much loved by the transit passengers. He does appear a bit emaciated to me, but according to the story, he does get enough to eat when he is so inclined.

Every time I hear about Boji, this runs through my head.