The tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of school children

Just because you don’t specifically watch Fox or Hannity or other conservative TV shows or listen to conservative talk radio doesn’t mean that you’re not spewing rightwing-media talking points. They don’t propagate solely via radio and television, you know.

Yeah, especially when the conservative people suddenly start expounding the same views on a particular issue at about the same time using very similar language. Must be just our distrustful nature.

Well, nobody here is stopping you. If you didn’t have the self-discipline to stop posting in a thread after explicitly and gratuitously announcing three times that you were quitting for the night, that’s your problem. Pleading with us to stop responding to you because you don’t have the self-control to leave on your own is not doing wonders for that independent-minded self-reliant image you’re trying to project.

Fascinating. Conservatives hold those views all on their very own, liberals must have been spoonfed those views by lefties.

Oooh, is someone trying to get a warning?

CMC fnord!
I ain’t gonna be the one to report the post, “Homey don’t play that game!”

I have no such inhibition. “Report early, report often!”, that’s my motto.

Much as I’m sure you’d all love to see me get a warning - and I may - the fact is that I didn’t reword any specific comment, I didn’t use any of the words that Derleth spoke, and I replied to his post as a whole, which is why his name comes up in bold above what I did say. This was so it would be apparent as to who “blah, blah, blah” was in response to. Therefore it was and is my opinion that my post did not break the rules about changing quotes in the quote box as I did not change anything Derleth said. I merely characterized the post as a whole. So we’ll see.

I’m quite certain that Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! (quotation marks in a quote box no less) is, by definition, substitute text. SA’sMMV

Thankfully, I’m not a Mod . . . so I get to watch and enjoy the flailings of the rules lawyer instead of actually having to deal with them!

CMC fnord!

Ah bless your heart.

If I was a betting man, I’d say that the chances that this time your opinion has anything to do with reality are none to nada.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has a Starving Artist.

But hard rules are hard rules:

The ellipsis there is because having "

" in the quote breaks the quote box.

Your opinion on this has as much validity as your opinion on how easy or not it is to rape kids.

I’m not sure why you messaged me about this post. Seems like something an old man would do.

Very good points. I think both are true: a) more guns per gun owner, by themselves, shouldn’t cause more shooting deaths; and b) our relationship with guns is toxic, and buying lots and lots of them is one way in which this manifests.

Wrong. People bringing that up are, out of kindness, offering you an excuse for your senile ramblings. But you insist on claiming to be thinking independently and objectively, so it’s on you.

SA: We’re not criticizing your age. Most Dopers are over 50. We’re criticizing your dated concepts and limited scope. You seem bound and determined to hold on to the concept that liberal boogeymen are brainwashing high school and college students, and it has no basis in fact. You’re only going by your personal observations, and verifying them with opinion instead of fact. You’re like the president: the truth is only what you want it to be. You simply don’t understand that we’re skeptics who want verifiable data uncolored by opinion.

Liberal vs Conservative politics has fuck-all to do with the motivations of the survivors who saw 17 of their friends mowed down with an AK-47. They’re expressing anger, frustration, sorrow and rage. They want to prevent this tragedy from happening again, and they’re being targeted by deniers who don’t want their status quo disrupted.

What do you do when you witness a tragedy? Do you think about the political ramifications before expressing your thoughts?

Sounds fair to me.

We just want you to follow the rules, like people did before the hippies ruined America.

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations.
They’re quite aware of what they’re going through.
[INDENT]David Bowie[/INDENT]

This is an aspect of the Good Old Days doddering old fools always skip over.

Alcohol is absolutely, unquestionably the most destructive drug that has ever existed; it has destroyed far more lives than all narcotic drugs combined, and it used to be WAY worse than it is now. Up to fairly recently, alcoholism in America was incredibly common and destructive.

People in Starving Artists’ beloved 1950s were just as likely to be drug addicts as the have ever been; the only thing that was different is that booze was likelier to be the drug of choice.

Again, I have a busy day and unfortunately no time to deal with the nonsense that’s arisen since I was here last night. But your characterization of me and my stance on alcohol, unsurprisingly, couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve said more than once on this board that as much as I love alcohol, I’d give it up gladly should it be made illegal, and that I in fact do favor making it illegal.

Still, I doubt very much that alcohol has been more destructive to more lives than drug use (and by drug use I’m talking about recreational drugs of the type not taken for pain or to control illness but merely to get high and/or escape from the realities of the world). Certainly I’ve seen far more people ruin their lives with recreational street drugs than alcohol.

Further, I’ll posit that it wasn’t the conservatives of the time who were responsible for fighting prohibition and responsible for its repeal. Liberals are always all about enabling irresponsible and destructive personal behavior.

Look, liberalism is an immature and faulty ideology. It’s reflexive and based on emotion and not on common sense or reason. It takes root among the young, who are idealistic and for whom everything takes on exaggerated importance, which is why people often become more conservative in their politics as they age. There are many millions of people my age in this country who lived in it when it was still civilized who are just as fed up with the way things are now as I am. To the degree our age puts us at odds with liberalism it’s because we’ve personally experienced the safer, saner, and less destructive and nonsensical world that life in the U.S. used to be. This is not to say a surprising number of young people today aren’t also conservative in their politics, as a surprising number are. But it’s in the nature of immature young people to be swayed by liberalism and this is the reason that our liberal-dominated educational system is increasingly focused on inculcating them with it and at increasingly younger ages. I’ve been pleased to observe, however, that as they grow up many see the folly of their previously liberal beliefs and abandon them more and more as they mature.

And thanks, Knowed Out, for your calm and polite post. I disagree pretty strongly though with your contention that liberals aren’t brainwashing college and high school students (if not younger these days). In generations previous to mine people didn’t suddenly become raving lefties upon going off to college, now a great many of them do. Twenty years ago most kids came out of high school fairly uncommitted and ignorant politically, now they’re increasing starting to come out as impassioned lefties as well. I know of no other reason why kids should suddenly become politically impassioned toward the liberal point of view than that they’re being manipulated into it at school. Time and again we see incidents online where some high school teacher is filmed ranting and raving over politics from a left-wing perspective, or berating a student who’s exhibited conservative beliefs or leanings. And of course the college environment has been a hotbed of leftist radicalism since the late sixties, as is going on now where conservative speakers are shouted down or forced to cancel appearances for fear of violence, and they’re the environment that has given rise to antifa and other violent and radical movements. The fact that someone like Yvette Felarca can still have her job, teaching middle-school students no less, should be evidence enough of how the educational environment in this country tolerates and allows liberal classroom influence upon its students.

And to everyone in general, people of my age aren’t contemptuous of liberalism because we’re old fools, it’s because we lived in a time when drugs and crime weren’t everywhere, when the police hadn’t been forced to morph into para-military units, when kids grew up in intact families with a parent there to care for them when they got home from school, and when everyone wasn’t pissed off at everyone else who wasn’t 100% inline with them on every issue imaginable.

Sadly, I don’t think he’ll ever let go of his notion that everything in this world is about “liberal vs. conservative”. (That I should probably give up on him providing any cite other than his own personal experiences)

Unfortunately, we tried making it illegal. That, to put it mildly, didn’t quite work out all that well. (And note: I did not say it was soley feminists. Don’t twist my words)

Good for you – my experience says otherwise. It also says you shouldn’t be speaking for everyone your age. I know quite a number of people the same age as you, who never joined the whole counter culture, yet came to the exact opposite conclusions. Quit acting like the sole authority on what is right and what is wrong. Again, it’s not merely liberal vs. conservative, left vs. right, etc. People are much more complex than you give them credit for. (Whatever their political leanings)

I’m in that age group and I guarandamntee he doesn’t speak for me.