The Trent Lott Two-Step

Celebrity type person makes outrageous remark that reveals SO much more about their inner workings than they ever meant America to know.

Celebrity gets called on the carpet, because A) A tape recorder was running, B) They said it on live t.v., or C) They spoke before 11,000 of their closest friends and confidantes, and now mysteriously the cat is out of the bag.

Celebrity makes painfully carefully wrought statement of contrition. For reasons that always mystify me, said Celebrity then has roughly 4-7 days to swing in the wind, then one of two things happens.

Their statement of contrition is found to be SO filled with self-flagellation that the entire world forgives them their senseless remark, OR the entire world sees through the tissue paper of their faux contrition and villifies them to a greater degree than at first remark.

THEN, said Celebrity is -for reaons that ALSO mystify me- then permitted a backlash of fury. This backlash is aimed smack towards the very group that Celebrity offended in the first place, and is ( yet again, mysteriously ) an acceptable backlash. As though in a few days’ time, the original offense has been wiped away forever by this Statement of Contrition, and the group originally offended is not in the wrong, and is being unfair.

Does ANYBODY REALLY BELIEVE these statements of contrition? If said Celebrity ( say, oh, Trent Lott just for example… ) didn’t have such sickening hatred and racism within themselves to begin with, why… why they’d never have made said offending statement in the first place.

It’s been enough days, the Contrition Dance was danced. My guess is that by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, Mr. " I miss when Coloreds Knew Their Place" Lott will be physically unable to restrain himself, and begin lashing out at the very people he offended so totally.

The clock’s running. Anyone taking a guess? Tuesday? Monday? Why is this pattern of abuse now the norm and acceptable?

It’s so sad.


p.s. I know this feels rantish, but I’m Pit-Banned and so am offering this here for a topic of discussion.

Actually, my guess is that “Mr Unnamed Celebrity” could probably hang on for a few more years, unfortunately. Politics…er…life is fickle.

Heh - thought you might have been talking about Pete Rose :smiley: