The Trump Card [Trump Candidacy as Conspiracy]

Who’s Donald Trump working for, anyway? He’s not seriously running for President.

Is he working for the Republicans? Is he being paid to ham it up, so that when the nominee is announced, the nominee will look reasonable and sane?

Or is he working for the Democrats? Is he being paid to splinter the Right, perhaps to introduce a third party for his alleged run, so that the Democratic nominee stands a stronger chance of winning the election?

Or perhaps he’s working for Fox, boosting their ratings and increasing their profits.

Or is he doing it to stroke his own ego?

Or is he a troll? (Using the other definition of ‘troll’, he certainly has the hair for it!)

Really? Is this not clear already? I don’t mean for Trump, I mean for all presidential candidates.

Ego and troll. No one could possibly pay enough to interest him.

There is the chance that he’s seriously running and is completely delusional about what he can and cannot do as President

You couldn’t have just posted in this thread?

He sure has fired up the Republican PC Police.

What do those intolerant bozos have against free speech, I sarcastically wonder?

I nominate this as the conspiracy theory spin-off thread.

Didn’t see it.

Sounds good to me.


I made mention that George Will offered up this idea about a month ago in this post.

The first response made the very sensible point that it was unlikely he would be so obvious about it. With each passing day I have to say I agree. More and more.

In fact, aside from his uncomprehendingly large ego being the cause, I’m starting to suspect it may be an incredibly enormous brain tumor. But I’m certain this is in no way a Democratic stunt.

I’m assuming these two. He gets his ego stroked by thinking he is the voice of America. I don’t think his ego could stand an actual campaign, but I could be wrong. Also knowing he is wreaking havoc in the GOP means the GOP may have to offer him concessions to not run as a third party.

Supposedly in 2004 the democratic party went to the green party and (behind the scenes) offered Nader a lot of things if he didn’t run. Help for his programs, funding for his programs, etc. They said if he did run he could forget all of it, he ran anyway.

Trump may be doing something similar. If he gets enough support and threatens to run third party, he can extort a lot of things from the GOP to keep him out of the race.

The hat screamed troll to me. A billionaire with a hat that looks like it came from KMart? That has to be intentional.

If you’re going to look at Trump as running for some reason other than stroking his ego then it might be that the Republican establishment hasn’t given him his due. He’s given money to both parties because that’s what smart businessmen do. He took the heat for the Birthers. Bill and Hill showed up at his wedding, what have any Republicans done for him?

I think this pretty much proves Trump is trolling.

Sounds like ‘Nuke their ass and take their gas.’ No serious candidate would suggest that.

Trump doesn’t work for anyone, people work for him(including many Presidential contenders). This is all about Trump’s ego. There’s no conspiracy.

Conspiracy it is! (from another thread–when will Trump bail on the election)

No, no, no, if you’re going to have a conspiracy, it’s got to involve either (1) The Illuminati, (2) The Bilderbergers or (3) The Reptile Overlords posing as humans.

Without at least one of those groups, you can’t really call in a conspiracy (well, if you’re desperate, I guess the Freemasons or the Knights of Malta would work).

And with that, have at it.

North Korea? Iran?

Okay, on election eve, Trump will fire the Knights of Malta.
Serves 'em right!

That’s certainly what he’d like people to believe. But his ego needs lots and lots of money, and where else is he going to get it? It’s not like he’s good at being a businessman. His entire gameplan is to pretend to be rich, and to do it convincingly enough that people will pay him for that image. Which is basically what’s going on in this campaign.

That’s just what Google, the Vatican, and the American Medical Association want you to think!

Oye, and I was worried about the Knights of Malta!