Is it possible the entire universe was created THREE SECONDS AGO by astonishingly alien interdimensional beings who’ve made every detail exactly perfect right down to your memories? Even your memories of seeing this post and clicking it? And of reading it?

Err…“astonishingly alien”?

“Dear God! They put mayonnaise on their French fries! AIEEE!”

I don’t believe this has happened to me. However, I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how Ross was created.

No, but what if the interdimensional beings create the universe five minutes from now? And you reading this right now are just a vivid artificial memory?

Umm…lay off the drugs son.

Actually, your query was posed quite a while ago (albeit sans the SDMB refrences) and falls under the heading of Solopsism:

Solipsism -

The belief that only I myself and my own experiences are real, while anything else—a physical object or another person—is nothing more than an object of my consciousness. As a philosophical position, solipsism is usually the unintended consequence of an over-emphasis on the reliability of internal mental states, which provide no evidence for the existence of external referents.

You probably already knew this, but you just blew the dust off a really, REALLY old question.

Hold on a minute, got to get this stick from out of my ass…

As I can defend no other part of my ridiculous post, of which I am already ashamed, I’ll defend this one. Yes, “astonishingly alien”. It’s an adjective.

alien // adj. & n.
1 a (often foll. by to) unfamiliar; not in accordance or harmony; unfriendly, hostile; unacceptable or repugnant (army discipline was alien to him; struck an alien note). b (often foll. by from) different or separated…
alienness // n.
[Middle English via Old French from Latin alienus ‘belonging to another’, from alius ‘other’]
Concise Oxford Dictionary Ninth Edition

So there. I may be insane, but dammit, my grammar is flawless! :wink:

Not a chance in hell could they get every detail perfect, they have enough troubles with sentence structure. Just because they set up us the bomb, doesn’t mean they can mess with our brains.

All your base are belong to us, my hiney.

well it would be pretty astonishing, because the aliens would have to coordinate a lot of people’s memories.

for example, my memory of my parents would have to be coordinated with their memory of me, plus my sister. And then my husband’s memory would have to coincide, and …well, you get the picture.

Thank God someone else was responsible for the continuing popularity of Tom Green!

I mean, it had to be aliens, right?

Anything’s possible. It’s possible that Gore got more votes in Florida than Bush did. Doesn’t mean it’s likely. :smiley:

Look up the work titled Omphalos, written in 1857 by Phillip Gosse. He posited the same thing, but with God instead of aliens.

For this to work and agree with astronomy and astrophysics, you’d also need to create light traveling through space which had supposedly been emitted by stars as much as billions of years ago.

Well, okay. You caught me. It’s all a big goof! You know, just for a laugh. Don’t think this makes your life any less meaningless.

Did you like the bit about the Mongol Hordes? They’re my favorite.

Anythings possible, execpt that which isn’t!

Heh. That’s not alien. That’s Dutch! :smiley:

I find nothing odd at all in the idea that the universe was created THREE SECONDS AGO by the Dutch. Never underestimate the Dutch.

Damn straight! Just remember, we can take it all back again as well. :smiley:

Anything’s possible. It’s possible that Bush got more votes in the US than Gore did. Doesn’t mean it’s likely. :smiley: