the two reporters I trust the most

I only trust 2, and they are Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, because of all other news outlets, they are the most fair and balanced, what with their light-hearted and sometimes critical take on headline news. It’s media with no real political bias, unlike what I find in CNN and Fox News. Who agrees?

They are no reporters. That doesn’t mean I don’t like them, but they are commentators. Take it all with a grain of salt.

They would both be horrified at that sentiment.

I disagree. As much as I like both of them and like what they have to say I do realize that they fall in the “opinionated commentary” category and do have an agenda with a distinct lean.
The closest I find for unbiased reporting is NPR. Not completely unbiased but as close as I can find.

I’m a big fan, but neither one is a reporter. They’re comedians and you could lump them into a broader category of analysis or commentary, but neither one of them breaks any news. They do have a political bias and they’re overt about it, and their top priority is being funny, not being accurate (although they’re often both).

I’m a big fan also, but you can’t call them unbiased. They may playfully hem and haw if directly asked where their sympathies lie, but at the same time, they’ve never made any secret of being liberals either, unlike, say, O’Reilly who puts up a charade of being an “independent.”

That’s not reporting. There’s a reason both of those shows are on Comedy Central and not CNN.

I haven’t trusted any reporter since Walter Cronkite retired.

I try and limit the amount of news I get from Comedy Central.

Hey, they’re funny and insightful and can certainly point out what’s ridiculous in our current state of affairs. But it’s not “news” per se and they’re not “reporters.”

I hope so. I’m horrified.

In the first place, they’re commentators, not reporters. I know that some people say that the two are identical, but they’re not. You need to have the basic information first and they don’t provide it. They comment on the information after it’s been reported.

You can be serious or comic as a commentator so their being comedians aren’t really objections. Maureen Dowd and Gail Collins on the New York Times op-ed page generally write humorous columns even when they are making a serious point.

It’s the “making a point” that really disqualifies them. Sure, many times they spot some hypocrisy or absurdity and go after it. That’s valuable. But also many times they unfairly pull stuff out of context to make a joke just like any and every other late-night comedian. And every point they make is from the liberal side. Having a stated viewpoint is not really the same thing as bias but calling them unbiased is just plain wrong.

I like Rachel Maddow too :slight_smile:

The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour (of course MacNeil has long retired)


After the latest Glenn Beck parody, does anyone still think that Jon Stewart is the most fair and balanced and without political bias? :smiley:

I thought Stewart settled this long ago.

The program that precedes us is puppets making crank phone calls!

As for actual reporters? Richard Engel. And I think that Rachael Maddow is both the smartest person currently on television and the one who makes the greatest effort to actually be both fair and balanced.

I don’t agree with the OP, and I don’t really understand the “one trusted source” viewpoint.

I’m the first to say Fareed Zakaria?

Is he not well received?

It’s the PBS NewsHour now. That’s my preferred TV news source. Watch it pretty much every day thanks to my DVR.

I agree. There is no more straight reporting. Everything is feature, editorial, or commentary.

NPR comes the closest to old-fashioned, ethical, unbiased, check-your-sources reporting. Not perfect, but close.

All of the above says what I wanted to say.

NPR does the best in my opinion. Rachael Maddow is not fair and balanced. More so then Fox and Friends or Keith Olberman was but not fair and balanced. She is leaning left clearly and obviously and I do not believe she hides this fact. I really feel NPR tries to be balanced and at least has the mission to be objective even at times they fail.

The two reporters I trust the most,
On the Daily Show and Colbert’s host,
Well they caught the last train for the coast,
The day that Fox News died.