The Two Things I Absolutely HATE About My Job

Normally I consider myself lucky. I have a good job, better than average pay and benefits and overtime when I want. Most dopers have no idea what I do. I work at a nuclear power plant for one of the top 10 utilities in the country. You know what the worst thing about it is? The Emergency Plan drills. Yep, there are four teams, with everyone on plant site serving on a team. The teams rotate every week. Once a quarter every team has to do a drill. Just like a real emergency. We aren’t talking small time, we are talking leaks, deaths, exposures, and evacuations. You can believe it’s stressful and a pain in the ass. You better know your stuff cause NRC is watching along with many others. So you have no room for error. Eight to nine hours of pure torture. No leaving, no excuses.
The second and not quite so bad thing is having to test every single year for plant access and radiation worker training. You don’t pass the first time, you take the test again immediately, if you fail a second time you are escorted off site. Why would you know the answers the second time if you didn’t the first time? It always scares the bejesus out of me. An adult woman scared of a test, and scared of messing up in the drill…can you believe that?

So let me get this straight. You took a job with a nuclear power plant. If something goes wrong at a nuclear power plant, (admittedly, not very likely these days) it could potentially cause severe loss of life, and you are bitching about having to be prepared for this contingency.

Please excuse my while I roll my eyes.

Most of the people on plant site have been there a minimum of 5 years. I’ve been there going on 16. Twice a year on both counts would be plenty. They don’t change the procedure. You get assigned a position and you are in it for life, might make better sense to rotate the positions so that you are capable of handling more than one position if an emergency happens.
And you are right, I took the job knowing I’d be doing something, but doesn’t mean I have to like it. We all have our pet peeves.

Ultress, I am jealous of your job. I’ve seen it on TV: all you do is sit in a chair and eat donuts!

mmm… donuts…

Yeah, I think this thread is going to turn into a Homer Simpson quote thread…

“Nucular… it’s pronounced nucular.”