The Two Towers

In The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien, which two towers are being refered to? My brother and I are in the midst of an argument whether the two are Minas Tirith/Minas Morgul or Isengard/Barad Dur. If anyone can provide proof, that’d be even better. Thanks.

Well, according to here, it could certainly be Orthanc and Barad-dur. Or, it could be Minas Tirith and Barad-dur. Or, it could be Orthanc and Cirith Ungol. Or, it could be Orthanc and Minas Morgul.

Probably the “clearest” reference is the following:

The two towers are Saurons and Sauromans towers.

According to Peter Jackson in the commentary on the FOTR DVD, it refers to Orthanc and Minas Morgul, I believe.

Damn, don’t have my copy here but the very last part of the text in FOTR (in italics in my edition) says something like "the next volume of the Lord of the Rings is called “Two Towers” as it deals with Orthanc and Minas Morgul.

Tolkien’s original sketch for the cover of the Two Towers clearly shows Orthanc (there’s a drawing of the White Hand - Saruman’s symbol below it) and Minas Morgul (there’s a drawing of the moon under it).

Once again: Somebody please help, I’ve turned into a Tolkien geek

Am I misremembering, or isn’t Minas Morgul the guard tower at Cirith Ungol?

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No, you are misremembering. Minas Morgul is the city in the Morgul Vale at the base of the mountains that was previously called Minas Ithil. I can’t recall the name of the tower at the entrance to Cirith Ungol but I’ll get back to you.

Damn, got suckered in again!

Considering that the DVD with commentary doesn’t come out until November, where did you hear this? Lucky sod. Anyway, you misheard, because…

That’s what Peter Jackson decided to go with. Those two are named in the voiceover by Galadriel/Cate Blanchett in the trailer to TTT.

On the currently-released DVD, there’s a featurette of the making of TTT, and Peter Jackson talks about it.

I could be misremembering Minas Morgul, though. It’s been a few weeks… uh, days… uh, hours since I’ve watched the DVD. :smiley:

Really ambiguous

On my most recent reading, I came to the revelation that the The Two Towers also refers to Frodo and Aragorn. (As in, towers of strength for those around them.)

The Two Towers trailer, Galadriel says there is an alliance between the Two Towers, Orthanc and Barad-dur.

I think most readers (myself included) always assumed they were Barad-Dur and Orthanc.

I hope the bookends for TTT special DVD are both towers. That would be cool.

That’s easy. It’s called the tower of Cirith Ungol.

Minas Morgul (Tower of Sorcery) is the city which was once Minas Ithil (Tower of the Moon), sister city to Minas Tirith (Tower of Guard), then called Minas Arnor (Tower of the Sun). Cirith Ungol (Spider Pass) is a pass in the mountains near Minas Morgul, and has another tower guarding over the east (Mordor) end of that pass. Frodo and Sam did their best to avoid Minas Morgul, and they were warned against drinking any water that flowed from there. The tower of Cirith Ungol is where Frodo ended up being imprisoned.