The Tygrs' Summer Lawn Party

I’ve got a sprinkler set up, inflatable kiddie pool, Slip-n-Slide, a couple-dozen lawn chairs spread out across a large grassy yard, plenty of beer, rum-drink ingredients including crushed ice on demand, full-size barrel grill fired up and loaded with burgers and dogs.

The sun is shining, it’s eighty-five degrees, the humidity is mild and there’s a light summer breeze blowing. Who wants to join me?

[sub]A note from the Host: Ladies are strongly encouraged to wear their skimpiest bathing suit. Gentlemen are encouraged to shave their backs.[/sub] :slight_smile:

<takes a nice cold Sam Adams>

Ahhhh, that’s nice. Thanks for the invite, Tygr!

::arrives in flowered halter sundress and large straw sunhat::

Sure, as long as the septic tank problem was taken care of… :wink:
Thank you, a rum & Coke would be just fine

::settles in to a lawn chair::
::kicks off sandals::

Heh, screech… Ya remembered that, did you? laughs Oh, yeah, that’s been LONG fixed, b’leeve me. We weren’t ABOUT to sit through a long, hot summer like that.

::fetches rum & Coke:: Here y’are. Glad to have you here.

You, too, monster!

Here, (pulls kiddy pool over in fron of lawn chairs, begins running hose into it) y’all rest yer tootsies in the water while I go see where I put that arsenal of Super-Soakers.