The U.S. Space Force now has an official song

Worf Rider?
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Of course it’s got to be another fucking IPA. Of course it does.

My suspicion is that the services get bitchy about being called by the other’s names- i.e. don’t call a Marine, Sailor, or Airman a Soldier and vice-versa, so the DoD probably thought up a service-neutral generic name that they could all agree on - “warfighter” probably being direct enough and descriptive enough of the people they’re trying to generically describe.

Close to 20 years ago. Bump nailed it. It filled the space of the generic sounding SM (servicemember) used in things like policy memos and the whole mouthful that was “Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.”

Ugh, the video in that article is nearly two minutes of talking-head banalities about the song, before 45 seconds of the actual song itself. And yeah, it sounds like something that a retired librarian would write for a small town’s Fourth of July celebration, as played by the hometown band consisting of anyone who can hold an instrument.

As for “warfighters”, sure, that’s a fine name for servicemembers in general, for when you don’t want to overemphasize or insult any one of the services compared to the others. But what’s it doing in a song about one specific service? Decide on what word you want to use for members of your branch specifically, and then use that one word: “Starfighters”, or “Spacers”, or whatever.

I was hoping they’d go with one of the arrangements of “Green Hills of Earth” (I’m sure Heinlein’s estate would agree to it), but I guess that would have been cool, and the Space Force can’t manage to do anything cool.

They did, in the opening stanza: “Guardians”. That’s USSF’s counterpart to “Soldier” et al.

Using “warfighter” is almost always an intentional callout to the idea of “one big ass-kicking combined-arms team”.

My thought was that it reminded me of the musical number from the first Captain America movie.

It does have a 1940s vibe, doesn’t it?

Nerf herder?

Warg finder?

The other feature of the “warfighter” term is the DoD meant it to include everybody, even the shoe clerks admin types working somewhere in Illinois. Get them feeling like they’re really in the fight, part of the team, etc., even though they never go to bat themselves.

I think they should have gone with:

Just remember that we’re standing
On a planet that evolving
And revolving at (mumble mumble) miles an hour
It’s moving at a (mumble) miles a second
So it’s reckoned
The sun that is the source of all that power
The sun and you and me
And all the stars that we can see…


I resent that! :angry:

Seriously, I prefer my old high school fight song to this feel-good piece of crap.

And those dress/parade uniforms suck. They must have been designed by the same team who produced those hideous Civil War playsuits for the US Army under Obama.

At least we now know where the Star Fleet insigne will come from a couple of hundred years from now.

We live in a post-satire world. It certainly would work as a joke.

Maybe anyone could write an official anthem…
(Apologies to The Beatles).

I’ve just been in space
I can’t forget the time or place or fighting force
It’s not just a job for me
And I want all the world to see its Yankee source.

Had it been another gang
I might talk smack and drink some Tang™
And I’d have never been aware
But as it is I’ll dream of flight tonight.

Stalling, a bit of brawling
But space keeps calling
Me back again…

Yes! Sung to the tune of “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Island.”

Obviously the Space Force song should be sung to the tune of We’re the Chipmunks.

I remember the Jetsons theme song, but not any specific music from the show…

I was hoping there would be something about a “solar-powered laser beam guitar”.

I think they should use this. Without changing the lyrics.