The U.S. Space Force now has an official song

And I think it would have been perfect…as perhaps the theme song for the Steve Carrell comedy Space Force.
The song starts about 1 minute 45 sec into the video.
The U.S. Space Force Reveals its Official Song -

“We’re the space force and we’re high!”

So this isn’t a joke?

It’s hard to tell.

It’s derivative melodically, and the lyrics sound like they were picked out of a bag of generic patriotic phrases.

actual lyrics:

We’re the mighty watchful eye
Guardians beyond the blue
The invisible front line
Warfighters brave and true.

Boldly reaching into space
there’s no limit to our sky
Standing guard both night and day
We’re the Space Force from on high.

The Steve Carrell show could hardly have done worse.

Incidentally, when did the word “warfighter” become a thing? It sounds like something you’d come up with if you wanted to say “soldier” but you’d just had a stroke and had a weirdly specific anomic aphasia.

Maybe it’s really “warf hider”?

OK, I got nothing.

Worf Rider?

Well, it was a country singer who volunteered. I wasn’t expecting much.

As the old joke goes, “No-I’m a frayed knot!”
Space Force Song (

To be fair the Air Force song is hardly better.

Bullshit! “Up In The Air, Junior Birdmen” is Bach compared to that tripe.

Would you believe P.D.Q. Bach?

Meh. If it were up to me, I would’ve used an re-titled version of Brian May’s Star Fleet with appropriately modified lyrics.

When I hear this, I visualize a chorus line of scantily-clad dancers.

Between verses, I expect long instrumentals for tap-dance routines.

Maybe it was supposed to be “Starfighter” and then they realized we haven’t really been to the stars yet. Or that you can’t actually fight a star.

Yeah, I got nothing either.

The U.S.A.F. retired the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter back in 1969. Not exactly a look to the future.

Sure you can. A lot of those military folks could probably take out Salma Hayek or Ryan Reynolds. But Betelgeuse? Not so much. Not even Sol.

They should have gone with Gunstar.

“Warfighter” sounds cooler than soldier amongst the tacti-cool set.