The ultimate I hate my job moment.

This has to be pretty close to a number one I hate my job moment. Poor guy is probably underpaid and works long hours. Then this happens.

Glad no one was hurt and that they caught the students responsible.

We had a kitchen fire at my parent’s home when I was in 7th grade. Thankfully the firefighters saved the house.

It’s the soot and smell I remember most. Rooms not touched by the fire still had soot on everything. We had vinyl tile flooring and the soot stain wouldn’t wash off. Mom finally covered those floors with carpet.

It wrecked our lives for several months. Living in the undamaged rooms while the other areas were cleaned and repaired. I still despise the smell of soot. The dozens of hours we spent cleaning.

wow…I’m tempted to start a GD thread about what kind of punishment to give the kids.
I don’t care if they’re under 18…
Society has rules, and even kids know you aren’t allowed to burn down houses.

Glad they caught the stupid fuckers. One of my fears is being unable to get all my pets out if our house ever caught fire. I’m pretty sure I could get the dogs, but locating and capturing the cat could be really tricky. I’ve tried holding a terrified cat before and it’s not easy.

I bet those idiots parents are really :smack: right now at the way their kids have completely ruined their lives. Going to prison for arson isn’t typically a light sentence.

It says something about the YouTube age we live in that I immediately wished I could see the video of that.

How could they have known that the police know about Snapchat???


Criminals and idiots…

Those four “disgruntled” students were set up.

This story is local to me. It’s just heartbreaking. The boys will be tried as adults because of the seriousness of the crime. They also have burglary charges to face because they decided to they needed to steal out of about 10 cars before they went and set the house on fire. They are very lucky to not be facing attempted murder charges because the boys knew the family was in the home when they started the fire. That was discussed but it looks like the DA won’t be pursuing it.

Three of the boys have been arrested. The fourth should be picked up very, very soon.

My favorite story to come out of this is that the principal is a big Green Bay Packers fan. You may have noticed the entire family in Green Bay jerseys in that photo in the article. He had collected a lot of memorabilia over the years and the only thing he saved was a key lanyard he grabbed on his way out of the house that night. It was so smoky he stunk up the entire school with it two days later when he went back to work. One of the teachers at the school wrote the Packers and told him about Heleker and the fire. A few days later a big package came for him filled with Packer stuff including a ball and a letter signed by the entire team.

Why not? They always seem to drop the most serious charges anyway and bargain down the rest. So why NOT lay a big charge on them at the start, and subsequently drop it if you feel merciful?

Because, of course, this wasn’t SmartFire ™. It wasn’t capable of distinguishing who to kill and who to let live. When you set fire to a building full of people, you are willing to kill them. You can’t control who gets out and who doesn’t.

Well, those kids are extremely lucky in one respect.

By the law in most states, you are allowed to use deadly force against people attempting to commit arson against your primary residence.

Not ‘have committed’, attempting.

I don’t know why they aren’t perusing attempted murder. I haven’t heard. I do know there was no need to bargain anything because they kids left enough evidence and bragged about it to enough people. (Snapchat! As if arson was enough to show their stupidity, they Snapchatted it.) The DA had an open and shut case from the start. If he let the kids plea bargain it was to avoid the trial not because they were worried about their case.

Thanks to Snapchat, the entire high school knew the names of all four miscreants before the police even knew it was arson. These boys didn’t just start with arson. They have been on a downward slide for years. One of them was suspended in 6th grade because he thought would be funny to put hand sanitizer in his teacher’s coffee. He has a long history of “pranks” that aren’t that funny. Of course that’s the same kid whose mother was arrested the week before the arson took place. She had been sleeping with her son’s 14 year old friend. I think the arson and crime spree was very much acting out in response to that.

This would make me a Packers fan next season if I weren’t a Seahawks fan.

Oh and charge all four with attempted murder of everyone in the house and IMMEDIATELY freeze the assets of their families so they cannot protect themselves against the civil suit.

I know this one - you run out with the snake and the fish, then run back in with the parents, then bring out the lizard and one parent, then go back with the snake and bring out the snake and the other parent.

But you have to juggle them, or the bridge breaks. And the bellhop keeps the extra dollar.


Let’s go to the quarry and throw stuff down there! I didn’t see that coming at all Shodan; good one!

The NFL has a fair number of players who are raging assholes on/off the field, but yes, this thing that the Packers did was indeed a class act.

:smiley: And how do you account for the missing square?

In all seriousness I have been slowly coming to the conclusion that I would like to see he juvenile justice system eliminated. Just have one justice system with consideration for youthful or first time offenders, but still able to bring the weight of the full legal response for serious crimes.

And no wiping the slate clean.

This is probably only the tip of the iceberg WRT what those kids have done.

If only you had an airplane, you could have put them all on the airplane, but then it wouldn’t have taken off, because it’s on a treadmill. :mad:

Yeah, that’s right. Those rotten little bastards put the family’s airplane on a treadmill. That’s almost worse than arson.