The ultimate in insane hippie woo.

Just saw this mentioned in passing in another thread. A business that makes soap from goat milk. But for the best goat milk, the goats must be happy. And to be happy, goats must do yoga with humans.

Where do I go to sign up with ISIS?

hey, man, just get down on your bapho-mat and release those baa-a-ad vibes

Not even close to he ultimate. They are doing their yoga without wearing crystals and there’s no homeopathic water in their pen. I bet the pen isn’t even laid out in accordance with feng shui! :eek:

How is this harming you? Or impacting your life in any way?

*A grumpy old man calls the police because of the people skinny dipping in the lake across the street. An officer comes out and finds that the lake is actually two miles away. “Sir”, he said incredulously, “you can’t possibly see people swimming in the lake from here.”

The man replies, “With my binoculars I can.”*

Besides the fact that the OP is going out of his way to be offended, I’m guessing a better than even chance that this business stages goat yoga more as a form of publicity. I’ve actually seen video of this before, and it’s very cute. If it were nearby I’d go, and I have no interest in yoga. Hanging out with baby goats in a lot of settings seems like a feature, not a bug to me. Yoga? Sure. Computer coding with goats? Sign me up! Can they play soccer?

It just gets his goat, is all.

How is this thread harming you? Or impacting your life in any way?

Goats doing yoga? That’s amateur hour for hippie woo. I once knew someone who claimed that regularly drinking water from a glass in a precise shade of red and set in the sun for a certain amount of time would cure what ailed you. Never seemed to do anything for her severe back problems but then selling her medications to buy alcohol didn’t help either.

Goat yoga is a big thing in Colorado.

It’s not just yoga with goats, it’s yoga with baby goats.

And it’s adorable.

As a pet owner, I can tell you that it looks very much like yoga with cats.

no kidding?

Anything involving baby goats is cute. Anything that gets folks in the door to his farm at $50 a session keeps the evil mortgage bank at bay.

This is totally a win-win in my book.

Yoga is great exercise. Goats are cool. Baby goats are cute. The whole thing is meant to be fun and a little tongue in cheek. No one really thinks that the soap will be better if the goats are in the presence of yoga before they mature sexually and can make milk and they sure as hell aren’t making that claim.

Not only do you totally miss the point but you’ve reached a new depth of asinine for something to get upset over.

I immediately clicked the link hoping it was closer to home.

And next week, join us for yoga and gyros!

Yup, this ain’t hippie, it’s the good ol’ All-American free market at its finest.

That’s the next season’s business plan.

I respectfully submit that the ultimate in insane hippy woo should be something harmful, like bullshit homeopathic or new age healing woo that prevents people from seeking science-based medical care. This appears to be udderly harmless.

Gyros aren’t typically made with goat.

Now if there was yoga with lambs or piglets…

Or, band name. Let’s all give it up for The Ultimate in Insane Hippy Woo.