The Unanswered Question

Apart from the fact that they all have an effigy in Madame Tussauds does anyone know the link between Winston Churchill,Nelson Mandela ,Lana Turner and Woody Allen? I suspect that they are all mentioned in the lyrics of popular songs eg Mr Churchill in Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie but I’m not sure about the others.

This sort of question features regularly in an Evening Show on our Local Radio but there is no prize - just an entry in an imaginary Hall of fame.

That’s easy. They all have two "l"s in their names, except for Lana Turner.

Welcome to the boards, newk. I think you have a better shot at getting this question answered in the General Questions forum than in About This Message Board, so I’ve moved the thread there.

Perhaps he’s confused her with the famous Welsh actress llana Turner.

Or the noted Peruvian singer Llama Turner.

Looks like they are all different enneagram personality types.