The undeclared World War III

I found this article and thought the author that is from the middle east region made some pretty interesting points.

Whats everyone take on it?
oh and here is another thread on the celebration of killing the dutch that slandered islam.

Inate, yet eloquent, but inate rambling.

My initial take is that he’s trying to string together elements of somewhat common links to form a coherent story, but I have to disagree with him in that there are different factors driving different elements to the ‘war’ that he is propositioning.

I’d have to read it more in depth and take some notes, but it’s a bit late now, and I think I can certifiably put facts against it. . .

He’s just got a different point of view, that’s all.

I think he is all wrong about Iran myself but them Im not privy to all thats going on behind the scenes…

jacobe, GQ is for questions with factual answers. IMHO is for questions seeking opinions.

I’ll move this to IMHO for you.

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