The uniqueness of zero and other questions [new title]

I’ll start off with an easy question for someone to (hopefully) answer.
–1. Why the hell is softball called softball when in reality the ball is hard?
–Now for something a bit more mind twisting.
–2. Why is the number 0 so different to other numbers??
for e.g. 2x2=4 2x0=0
3x2=6 3x0=0
4/2=2 4/0=cannot be divided
8/2=4 8/0=cannot be divided
–This one puzzles me could someone please please answer it!?! :confused:
–3. How come the number Pi (approximate) was discovered thousands of years ago yet mechanical objects using ball bearings in chariots and such were never used?? Sphere’s have many practical uses yet none were used after the rough discovery of Pi. Why is this? I am sure there is a logical answer :smack: but DAnG! I can’t think of one for the life of me.
–Now for something relating these past 2 questions.
–4. Why is it in a logical system to work out areas/volume and division/multiplication there is one in each that doesn’t fit in properly?? Areas/volume have all got logically equations to work this out apart from circle/sphere which has an irrational number (Pi) to work out the Area/volume (Please not even the final Area/volume MUST always be approximate since the number can never be finished). As with division/multiplication the number 0 does not fit into the logical pattern properly.
–PLEASE NOTE—If anything seems obvious or is misspelt I am only 15!!

  1. A softball doesn’t hurt as much as a hardball when one is hit with one.
  2. “0” is not a number.
  3. It’s hard to make ball bearings without an awful lot of other tech in place.
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  1. If 0 isn’t a number then why is it between +1 and -1?? And why is it used in Physics when there can’t be “nothing”??
    Also 3/3=1
    8 candy bars/8=1
    however 0/0=Undefined
    shouldn anything divided by itself equal 1??

How many times can nothing go into nothing? Never, once, or forever?

Extra credit: What’s the square root of -2?

if there cant be nothing what was here prior to the big bang: nowhere and nowhen and therefore nothing or at least according to my high school physics teacher (this does not mean i agree with him im just pointing out what he said)

extra credit: the same as the square root of 2

No there is no square root of -2 since a negative divided by a negative equals a positive, therefore no number multiplied by itself equals -2.
(square root of 2=1.4142135623730950488016887242097)
I must correct myself for i contradicted myself before. Before the universe there was nothing but now there is no such thing as nothing.
Do you see the significance if 0/0=1? It would change the laws of physics and mathmatics. It would mean that something could be made from nothing. It could also explain the start of this So called Universe without the use of a higher being (which all scientific theroies end up going back to).

Oh yeah the Big Bang theory can pretty much be discarded, since it involves a “higher being” for the creation of the matter for the explosion…unless the matter was made out of the “nothingness”…0/0=1???

Okay, we’re done with the GQ, methinks. Shall we head over to GD?

I think that’s a good idea.
If anyone is looking for some more to talk about on this baffaling subject…look under Great Debate
THE Beginning of the UNIVERSE??!?

Never mind.

Why is the square root of -2 supposed to be hard? Isn’t it just 2i?

no the square root is a number muliplied by it self to equal it.

The square root of two is 1.4142135623730950488016887242097 x 1.4142135623730950488016887242097

Two is the square root of 4

-2 is meant to be a number multiplied by itself. Since a negative multiplied by a negative is a positive…it has no square root.

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Una, I think Darth was just poking him to see what would happen. How we got from division by zero being undefined to dismissing the Big Bang because it requires a prime mover is the real extra credit question.

mad, you seem nice enough. Please calm down a little bit, learn what the Shift key is, and wait until you cover imaginary numbers in your algebra class before you ramble on about the root of -2.

There is no real number that produces -2 when multiplied by itself. If you continue taking math classes you will eventually learn about the imaginary number i, which is defined as the square root of -1. The square root of -2 is the square root of -1 times the square root of 2, or i√2.

0 is a number.

Una Persson asked:

Close, it’s [symbol]Ö[/symbol]2 i. Since madbuttface is only 15, though, I think s/he can be forgiven for not being familiar with the concept.

6/2 = 3 because 3 is the unique number x which satisfies 2x = 6. 4/0, if it existed, would be the unique number y such that 0y = 4. However, there is no such number. We have the opposite problem with 0/0. It would be the unique number z such that 0z = 0. But every number z satisfies this equation.

You don’t understand basic number theory nor the theory of the big bang.

…And it was a bad thing for me to do. Sorry, folks.