The United Kingdom's Spy Agency: MI6/SIS

I’m having trouble locating up to date information regarding The Secret Intelligence Service, often known by its nickname MI6. Doing research for a spy thriller, I’m trying to find the organizational structure of the SIS. CIA’s structure can easily be find on Wikipedia, even Russia’s external spy agency the SVR. This type of thing increases the authenticity of espionage fiction immensely… For example, if the main character needed say some type of technological service, or to see so and so regarding a new legend and travel plans, what department would the main character need to visit? Any (more recent) information regarding the service would be helpful, as would any suggestions for further reading and research!

Did you see this:

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I had not previously seen that… Thank you, and useful!

Seriously - why don’t you write to their media officers and ask? SIS | Home

For deep background you could do worse than the first volume of the Official History, which you can get through Amazon. It only goes up to 1949 but maybe some help?

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