The United States' best shot for a 2006 Tour de France victory has a bum hip

Although the news came out about a week ago on one of the Tour rest days, I think that this Sunday’s New York Times had a really great article about Floyd Landis, the United States’ best hope for another victory in the Tour de France in 2006.

Basically, in 2003 Floyd Landis crashed on a training ride and broke his hip. Unfortunately, it didn’t heal completely because the blood flow to the broken hip was not completely restored. Consequently, his hip now suffers from a condition called avascular osteonecritis. The bone is dying off and Mr. Landis is in need of a hip replacement.

Nonetheless, Mr. Landis has had a set of incredible rides this year incluing victores at Paris-Nice, The Amgen Tour of California, and the Tour de Georgia. He’s the best placed American and the best placed “true contender” so far in the race.

All with a bum hip.

Check out this article:

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There are some big stages coming up including Tuesday’s killer ascent up L’Alpe de Huez. Should make for some compelling television.

Good article. I’ve been watching this year’s tour since Stage 7, and it’s been a hell of a race. I was very excited to see Floyd get yellow in the Pyrenees, and I fully expect him to take it back in the Alps. He’s got to be one of the toughest guys I’ve ever heard of.

Well, good call. 10 seconds, but still plenty of comfort given Periero’s TT performance. If Kloden or somebody else can’t attack really fricken hard to the summit tomorrow I think that Landis’s yellow jersey will be pretty secure.