The universe peaks

The universe reaches its apex, its climax, its greatest moment right…wait for it…just few more seconds–now!

Hope you enjoyed it, losers. It’s all downhill from here.

It’s OK, I’m in the Pacific Time zone, so it won’t be peaking here for hours yet.

Eh, it was a good run.

You get lots more thrills on a downhill slope. Especially a steep one.

Shit! I missed it.

Universe jumps the shark.

Stay tuned for the re-boot.

It was a lost cause once they had the baby.

Nah, it was as soon as the universe shot its wad in the Big Bang. After that it just wanted to sleep.

So far I like this new continuity better. Less red kryptonite lying around, and no Pete Ross knowing my secret identity.

That was based on Universe Time, which is the same everywhere.