The US Postal Service gives political contributions?

I was just reading abut the Republican running in my California state Assembly district, and saw that the US Postal Service contributed over $30,000 to his campaign. Is this a standard thing? Is this legal?


Scroll down a page or two and it gives a list of his contributors.

I had no idea. Here are the numbers:

Individuals means individual people who work for USPS are donating, correct?

No. I think that means contributions TO individuals (Candidates) as opposed to PACs and other groups.

That’s not what the Ballotpedia page says, though.

Oh, you are correct, although I think the “from” is also almost entirely from individuals. If you look at the summary page the top recipients are listed as getting their contributions from individuals (which means “members, employees and owners”) except for $70 for some reason.

It looks like ballotpedia lists USPS as a recipient of campaign expenses if I’m reading that right.

You’re right. It’s an obvious expense. I’m not sure what the site I linked to is referencing, though. Are the donors USPS employees? I don’t think I’ve ever been required to reveal my employer when making a political donation. Are postal employees (and perhaps government employees) specially required to do so?

I think yes, just based on what the summary page says.

That seems a fair bit more likely than a constitutionally mandated government program donating to politicians lol.


For example, here’s the pages for the State of Florida and the US Dept of Justice. Same deal.

The Postal Service is listed as a “Payee” on that page, along with what look like several advertising and consulting firms. They’re a vendor being paid for campaign mailings.

You absolutely must reveal your employer when making a political donation over $200, by federal law.

I must have done then (I’m self-employed) but I don’t remember it.
ETA - I just checked the website I use ( and I don’t see any such requirement as long as I’m not a Federal contractor.

Funny, when I try to send money via actblue, it does ask my occupation and employer:

(Click on pay with card, then you get the question about employment.)


Contributions aggregating over $200

For each contribution that exceeds $200, either by itself or when added to the contributor’s previous contributions made during the same calendar year, records must identify that contribution by:

  • Amount;
  • Date of receipt; and
  • Contributor’s full name and mailing address, occupation and employer.

It must ask somewhere during checkout. It’s been almost two years since I used it.