The US Response to the Pandemic Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster

Apparently, this shitstain of an administration is trotting out “we need to live with it” as the new approach to this pandemic:

Fucking idiots. Why doesn’t every other wealthy nation have to just live with it?

Who knew fighting a pandemic was so hard??? Time to throw in the towel, and save the confederate statues!!! Kind of ironic to surrender one task, to preserve surrender statues.

Haven’t you heard? We beat the virus. There’s no need to keep fighting after we’ve beaten it. USA! USA!

At least @Magiver has the balls to admit being willing to sacrifice the old people for the sake of the economy. Far better than the other smegmarmite-eaters who pretend to give a fuck about people, but are pretty obvious that grandma can fuck right off if her remaining among the breathing would negatively impact their lives in any way.

And then you have @SayTwo. Holy fuck, what a shit for brain. He’d happily let everyone of us die if it allowed him to get a dollar an hour raise. Do we really let people like this teach?

I haven’t worn a mask inside or outside since this contagion started.
It’s not the peak medical advice here to do so.

But I am following the social distancing and hygiene protocols and as a whole we have squashed the curve here quite effectively. Notwithstanding a recent burst of a cases in the state of Victoria.

Perhaps Merkin Maskholes would be a more targeted sledge?

Yeah, definitely aimed at Americans. New Zealanders, for example, have no cases and don’t need masks at all.

Americans are essentially stabbing themselves in the eyes with pencils.

“Ain’t so bad! I still got another eye!”


. shoots self in foot>

“It’s fine! The hospitals still have plenty of beds!”

<shoots neighbor’s foot>

“Stop complaining. I have the right to shoot wherever I want.”

Well, when you have a big chunk of Republican politicians who ran on “Government is Evil!” and a big chunk of people voted for them, you get an incompetent government who can’t step up when they’re needed.

Dollars to donuts those same idiot voters will say, “See? This is why government is evil! They can’t handle these things!”, completely ignoring that the reason why the government can’t handle it is because they deliberately elected people who admitted they weren’t going to do diddly-squat for anyone.

This article says it best:

Americans is drunk on a warped idea of freedom, and now it’s killing people

Umm, why are we blaming ‘Americans’? It ain’t ‘Americans’, it’s a bunch of dumb-asses that share an political ideology and party.


It’s not all Americans, but it’s enough to implicate Americans in toto.

The Intercept, a fairly left-leaning publication, ran a good one on this:

And yet, they ended up being right - the health consequences of the protests (in which most have been masked, outdoors, and spaced when possible) have not yet exceeded those of centuries of systemic racism, much less the right wing protests in state capitols (unmasked, no distancing, and indoors). And, unless something drastic changes in the next couple weeks, it doesn’t appear they will.

Almost like they evaluated based on the conditions rather than making blanket judgments on “protest vs no protest”. …funny, I think that’s how the whole thing is supposed to work - best judgments based on the conditions presented, rather than a one-size fits all solution.

Ottawa Public Health posted this yesterday:

"###### Ottawa Public Health

Yesterday at 3:32 PM ·

MANDATORY CLOTH MASKS: A Very Long Post. Please read to the end.

Public Health is about following evidence, so when we call for change, that change is the result of what our evidence is telling us. Lately evidence has been coming at great speed & volume.

We’ve been doing our best to keep you informed, but some of you may feel like in March & April we said cloth masks weren’t needed, then in May & June said cloth masks were needed, & now we’re saying they’ll soon be mandatory. We know this may have seemed confusing, and we’re sorry about that.

However, each shift was evidence-based. Before we knew about asymptomatic transmission, there was no need for you to wear a cloth mask unless you were sick. Then evidence emerged to support its existence. We needed to react quickly, so we asked you to wear cloth masks when distancing was difficult to protect those around you.

We are once again in a period of change. The emerging evidence shows us that wearing cloth masks in indoor public spaces is a necessary measure to help keep our community safe; especially as we all begin gathering again. We know that this transition won’t be easy for you.

There will be bumps in the road as we work w/community partners to implement this measure. Some of you may have a hard time adjusting, and that’s ok. We’re all human, and none of us are perfect, but we will make this work. We know this isn’t easy for you, and we understand.

Just know that we care. We really do. We’ve been at this for months now, working tirelessly to try to keep pace with COVID-19 and keep you safe. Can we guarantee that things won’t shift again? No. Can we guarantee that this measure will put an end to COVID-19? Also no.

But we can say this: we will beat this. We will keep following evidence & working together. We’ve said it 100 times: We are in this together. Thanks for sticking with us, Ottawa. You can read today’s special statement about mandatory masks here:"

I think this might be how you communicate best practices.
The USA is fucked.

It is gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

The USA hasn’t always been this way.

My old man was from the silent generation. Survived a great depression and joined the military that kicked Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan’s asses. That generation accepted war rations as a norm. Far removed from generation instagram.

Paraphrased: “If I want to drive into a bridge abutment at 90 miles an hour, that’s my right. If my passengers don’t like it, they should have taken the bus.”

“If I want to drive into a bridge abutment at 90 miles an hour, that’s my right. If my passengers don’t like it, they shouldn’t have taken the bus.”?

Here’s a fun fact. When the CDC wrote protocols on the meat packing plants and sent them to the White House. Orangezilla killed it and refused to release it or try and get them the abide by it… Thankfully some person who cares about our country leaked it to CNN…
Just another example on why he’s a human trash bag…