The US Response to the Pandemic Has Been An Unmitigated Disaster

Er, in my car, but I see what you’re getting at.

Glenn Greenwald, the author of this piece and co-founder of The Intercept, has been more of a contrarian than an adherent to any particular part of the political spectrum in recent years. I’d certainly call him a lefty but a bomb like this is far from out of character.

And sure, I’m sure some people would call it hypocrisy when public health officials backed off about the protests, and it wouldn’t be hard to find some particularly damning examples. I’d call it a recognition of the value and timeliness and inevitability of the protests, coinciding with an increased understanding of how COVID spreads. Also, there’s the unspoken but very real consideration that attendees at a Black Lives Matter rally are far more likely to wear masks and distance themselves as much as possible than attendees at a Trump/Second Amendment/whatever rally.

And as others have said, the data have borne out the idea that protests were not a big source of risk. The spikes we’re seeing now have no correlation to where the protests were.

Actually to be fair, we shouldn’t blame protestors for outbreaks. NYT, NPR, other reputable news sources, including cities’ health depts like LA and New York, have tracked outbreaks and none have been related to protest gatherings, except cases amongst law enforcement, few of whom wore masks. Check the pictures, majority wore masks, at least until they were tear gassed.

No, I don’t have a cite. Google it.

Florida reported over 11,000 cases yesterday, a new state record, and that on a public holiday so the reporting might be under the truth. The week rolling average is double any previous high. It may be spirally hopelessly out of control and the possibility Florida will be worse than New York was cannot be dismissed.

After looking, yes it looks like God protected the protestors for BLM, which He (or She if you prefer) does when the cause is just. So different set of rules as God is above all our silly laws and even biology and good to see it, and praise be to God.

However based solely on the science it was a reckless thing to do.

Give me a fucking break. Right, God also killed off my brother-in-law’s father, permanently damaged my cousin’s heart, and made my kidney-replaced friend go on dialysis, again. Those are the people I know personally. God also killed another 130,000 Americans, and another 400,000 of Her beloved creations worldwide. Great work, God!

Or, maybe, and I’m just spitballing here, masks work to help prevent the spread, as we’re learning more and more about each day. God didn’t do shit, but our scientists are gathering data and updating guidance all the time.

God is fluidgender? [ Keanu ] Whoa [ /Keanu ]

I’ve run across speculation that when a protest is announced, a lot of folks stay away and inside to feel safe, offsetting any increase among the protesters and other people grouping because of the protesters.

Don’t remember where I saw it and I’m pretty sure it was just speculation.

Here in Oregon the biggest spikes have been from fucking idiots in the stupid counties who insist on going to church with other idiots and refuse to mask up–they hold hands, they kiss each other, they sing and holler and SPREAD VIRUS EVERYWHERE. One stupid fucking church in sparsely inhabited Union county gave the state 120 cases in a day from this stupid bullshit, and another stupid county full of stupid people, Umatilla–which has a total population of 78,000 people–had a spike of 88 cases in one day due to stupid church activity. On that same day, Multnomah county, with a population of 808,000 and with extremely active protests ongoing for over a month now had only 64 new cases. Nope, if gods are in charge of the spread of this shit then they’re definitely targeting their devotees–after having chosen the very stupidest people available to be their acolytes. Fuck your gods and fuck your ignorant ass too.

The Intercept is a literary latrine. Greenwald and Ryan Grimm are both conspiracy theory peddlers posing as sunshine journalists.

Pretty sure mental disabilities don’t disqualify someone from mask wearing…

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I have been eating a lot of spaghetti, and I haven’t gotten the virus. All hail His noodly appendage!

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Yes, that speculation was indeed speculation. Science will out. Public Health investigators contacted protestors post-event to surveillance for increased incidence of Co-vid. There was no professionally documented increase in cases connected to protests. Again, the protestors followed most recommendations, socially distanced, wore masks and stayed outdoors with free air flow. 1. 2. 3.=safety AND science. Oh, and 4., protected one another’s health.

Yes, there was no increase. The speculation was on a reason for the decrease.


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