What the fuck is wrong with Tucker Carlson (this time)?

Motherfucker is now going on air doubting the safetly and efficacy of the vaccine. Has he forgotten Trump developed it all by himself?

Who cares how many extra people die as long as the controversy can eke out even one extra advertising dollar?

He’s a Traitor with a Hate-My-Face

He has to pander to his fans. He lost the decent or even just intelligent people long ago.

The conspiracy crowd I’ve heard push one of two narratives: that the virus was never real (or was not all that bad) and the whole point was to get the vaccine to track people or inject nefarious stuff into them, and that the vaccines only came out after the election in order to ruin Trump.

He gets to appeal to the latter, while also fanning the understandable concerns of people about something new. Oh, and also fans the distrust of science and academics that much of the right has, which was also what Trump exploited.

It’s the natural extension to not wearing masks. They really don’t care if they kill off their followers.

I guess that makes “sense”. If he is right then he can tell us he told us so, and also blame Biden, and if he is wrong he can go back to giving credit to Trump. I suspect the truth is that he is once again listening to his “experts” and is dumb enough to believe them. Fran Lebowitiz once said, “You don’t know of anyone dumber than Donald Trump, you just don’t.” Maybe I do

Fucker Carlson thought: “Will this make me more money? If “yes”, then go ahead”

That’s all. That’s Republican though in a nutshell.

Republican thought:

“I got mine, so fuck you, loser!” Unless they are losing theirs, then it’s “Help me, I am being oppressed!!”

This is not entirely unexpected coming from Tucker Carlson, who earlier claimed that “eugenics” was driving the selection of priority groups to get the vaccine.

Tucker Carlson really is a dipshit. I know the story is old but he “guesses” he’s for democracy in other countries. What an idiot. Does he not realize that we share the planet? If we don’t support democracies elsewhere, how long does he think it will be before someone comes after our democracy and tries to turn it into something we really don’t like?

Isn’t that what he wants?

Tucker Carlson does not support democracies, either foreign or domestic.

He wants authoritarianism, as long as the people he likes are in charge,

Wait, what? There was a thread on this moron that did not get any posts for over a year? The Fucker seems to be on his way to irrelevance. Good.

He has been mentioned frequently in this Pit thread. (In fact, many of the most recent posts are about him.) So he’s still getting plenty of attention here.

Didn’t that already happen on January 6?

He has the stupidest, most slappable face in modern history. His resting doucheface expression of arrogant idiocy trumps (heh) even 45’s. There are others who may be more punchable but he is, in my opinion, definitely the most slappable.

I wholeheartedly endorse this post, except I wouldn’t want to touch him even to slap him. So I’d make sure I was wearing wet latex gloves first.

All these dipshits have the same infuriating “look of entitlement” on their faces. Trump, Trump Jr., little Eric, Ivanka, Carlson, Shea, Stephen Miller, Bannon, Meadows, Giuliani… the endless list of dipshits. The faint sneer, the goofy half smile.

Line 'em up and I’ll slap away. With the greatest pleasure.

I’m in!

Dunk tank into Nickelodeon slime? I bet we could raise a LOT of money at $1 a throw.

I’d just use a thick wool sock full of pennies.

The comic This Modern World captures Mr. Carlson pretty well…the cartoonist uses the exact same image all the time, with the whole wrinkled brow thing…