Tucker Carlson deserves to be afraid

So in recent news, Tucker Carlson was accosted by a group of antifascist protesters at his home.

And I cannot even begin to summon the slightest shit to give about this. I tried, and I failed.

Tucker Carlson is a white nationalist scumbag. He’s been pushing vile anti-immigrant, anti-asylum rhetoric in the leadup to the election. Going from his broadcasts, it’s not that unreasonable to assume he sees just about anyone who isn’t white, straight, and cisgendered as subhuman, or at least not worthy of the same rights as anyone else.

Let’s leave aside the politics for a moment. Obviously, bad optics, obviously the right-wing shitheads are going to make a big deal about this. But I cannot even begin to give a shit what happens to Tucker Carlson. I hope he has people protesting in front of his door day and night. I hope he doesn’t get a good night’s sleep because people are rightfully incensed at a racist, transphobic white nationalist shithead and willing to show it. I hope he’s afraid to show his stupid, shitty face in public. Because what this guy has been empowering, the damage his words do to people who don’t make millions of dollars spreading hate, is far worse than a few antifascists banging on his door. If this is the only recourse we have against men like him, then yeah, let’s make it clear that these fuckers aren’t welcome in the public sphere.

And he ruined bowties for an entire generation of millennials and hipsters!

First, there’s the question of what, if anything, actually happened. Given that the police didn’t find any grounds to arrest anyone, one must conclude either:

  1. The local police are so unobservant as to make Inspector Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes, or

  2. The events did not much resemble Carlson’s hyperventilating description.

I believe in the rule of law and that applies to people I despise, like Carlson. He deserves exactly the same protections as anyone else. I’m not clear what happened at his house, but I was surprised he lives in Washington, I think he’d be happier south of Potomac.

“South of Potomac”…as in “Mississippi”?

But yes, I agree that Carlson, loathsome scum that he is, deserves the full protection of the law. And while I’m sure Carlson’s version of events are heavily colored by him being a lying, craven asshole, I don’t like the idea of people harassing others at their home.

Too bad they don’t do this at Sean Hannity’s house

Virginia is good enough. I know Arlingtonians like to claim they’re Washingtonians, but they’re not. Virginia is plenty accommodating enough for Fox News types.

Bottom line, the difference between me and people like Carlson is that I believe in the rule of law.

The difference between me and people like Carlson is that I’m not a racist, transphobic, bigoted shithead.

You can not be a racist and still believe in the rule of law. In fact, I would argue that it makes it easier.

*“If the goal is to stop Tucker Carlson, these tactics will ensure the opposite result. Fox News has thrived for years by hyping news stories about lefty protesters who overstep boundaries in expressing their views.”…

And then there’s the question of effectiveness, of which there’s none.

By all means: Protest Carlson and his white nationalist-pleasing rhetoric. But please don’t threaten him with language assuring him and his family that they’re not safe in their own home. That’s wrong, not to mention possibly illegal."*

Aside from your facts being wrong and you dumbfuckingly including someone’s home in the public sphere, you really are a piece of shit, aren’t you? And I guess you feel it’s okay to harass someone’s wife, or maybe, kids, as proxy if the target of your ire is not at home.

I can’t help but think all these protests do is give Fox News more fuel to the fire of covering these violent America-hating lefties to show their audience. All they have to do is splice in a few frames of flag-burning and gay pride parades, and voila! New horrors to show the blue hairs and gun toters.

There have to be methods of protest that are at least as, or even more so, effective as harassing some schmuck at his house.

Did you change your sig specifically for this post, or is it just a delightful coincidence? :slight_smile:

Put me down on the same side as those who are not racist, white supremacists but still respect the rule of law. My advice to the OP (worth exactly what he paid for it, etc) is to dial it back a notch. My knowledge of 20th century American history is admittedly not what it could be, but there is a reason (well, probably many reasons) why MLK Jr has a whole day officially named after him and Malcolm X does not.

Carlson is one of the few to make up for his warmongering by being stridently antiwar in recent times. Of course you would rather him be a Max Boot or David Brooks type. Debase himself for leftist approval and maintain his warmongering posture.

This definitely crosses the line. It’s okay to protest Carlson. If you see him walking down the street, feel free to scream “FUCK YOU, YOU RACIST SHITHEAD!” But don’t stalk him. Don’t follow him to his home.

What is that reason?

Uh, no, the protesters are saying “Stop the hate,” not “We know you’re really a warmonger, even though you’ve toned down your rhetoric recently.”

You really have no idea what goes on in a leftist’s mind, do you?

No one does. We’re closer to understating a cat’s brain when we see him, apparently for no reason at all, he determines that, “OMG, I’m in the wrong room. I MUST IMMEDIATELY RUN INTO THE NEXT ROOM!”

I know that. Perhaps you’ve been whooshed. I was clearly lampooning the priorities of these leftists. They fawn over self-debasing “conservative warmongers” and harass courageous advocates for peace for positions held in common with Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama.