Well, the America is Christian" bigots were out in force Saturday

Idiots with rifles in Texas

More idiots displaying their ignorance in Michigan

The Texan idiots were amusing, in a sad way. One of the fools was quoted as saying she wants the constitution to govern America. I wonder what her reaction would have been if the victims of her group’s intimidation also exercised their second amendment rights.

Why are these white trash pussies so afraid of Shariah law? The possibility of an Ismamic takeover of the United States is right up there with Native Americans retaking the lower 48. These people need to get off the meth and find gainful employment.

Also, the armed intimidation is a disgrace, and should not be tolerated. Lock them up.

The photos don’t show it very well but it seems like the counterprotesters outnumber them pretty handily. The bigots seem to have maybe a dozen. I had heard reports in Seattle where the counter protest outnumbered the bigots 10 or 20 to 1.

The Sturmabteilung had the much better sense of the dressing style.

In Chicago the planned anti-Muslim protest drew an estimated 30 or so people. The more spontaneous counter protest of sane people easily doubled that number.


The common clay of the new west.

fox “news” is my guess, as well as right wing hate radio programs :mad:

Yeah, did you see any of these knuckleheads interviewed? Theology buffs, independent researchers and religious scholars they ain’t.

Can we also oppose the imposition of Christian law?

But there’s a lot of them, and they vote. We are finding out daily what it has cost to underestimate their power.

I know what you’re saying, but in Chicago there were 30 of them.

Fear defines the right.

[quote=“BlankSlate, post:2, topic:788674”]

Why are these white trash pussies so afraid of Shariah law?}/quote]

They need an excuse to justify their privilege. The old excuses (“Indians don’t have souls”/“It’s God’s will that Blacks must serve Whites”) don’t cut it anymore.

It was about a month or so ago that a Muslim guy in America announced he would use his 2nd amendment rights to protect himself, his family, and his property. The story might have been on Yahoo!, but I don’t remember where I saw it. I do rember the freaked-out posts in the comments section from Islamophobes. I’d bet real money a few wet their pants.

Those fools aren’t going to get locked up because the local politicians rely on votes from them and their sympathizers.

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They need to have some “Other” to fear and to hate. It’s the only thing they have. They don’t even see the irony of it all. They want to have a “christian” country with “christian” laws (American sharia) while opposing any other names of the same thing. They yammer about religious freedom, while trying to deny it for others, and while trying to impose their own.

It’s stupidity, hypocrisy, and it’s bullshit.

Just a bunch of scared whiney snowflakes and cry babies.

I learned this from the Chicago Tribune link:

I’m a gamer; I know where “kek” comes from. I’ve been typing it regularly for over 12 years now. Yet I had never heard of Kekistan until just now. Kinda makes it less fun to type “kek” in the future, eh.

Same here. For the Horde! :cool:

You know – morons!

It does give me some pleasure that the only people they’re disturbed by more than Muslims are people like me, though.

They have a lot of issues.