Well, the America is Christian" bigots were out in force Saturday

It’s one of the more brilliant things to come from gaming culture, but not on the side of the good. Plausibly deniable links to white nationalism is a great way to troll people, and if they rope in the credulous, the militants, the joke only gets bigger and better.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

What is the difference between Shariah law and Biblical law? Seems to me they are about 90% the same.

Sharia law is actually implemented, in various forms, in different countries around the world.

Biblical (Christian) law is only implemented in the dreams of radical fundamentalist christians like the ones we saw out there.

I believe Antifa was also open carrying in Arizona.

And yes, this ‘anti-Sharia marches’ was just an excuse for the right to gather, shout ‘USA’ and to troll Antifa. And to a lesser degree ‘liberal normies’.

At least the ‘free speech rallies’ are slightly more plausible since there actually is infringement by extremists.

Yes they are the pussies. Not the guy on the internet who wants to lock them up. The left loves to exercise violence on a whim.

Look folks, one simple question, one simple answer.

Anytime someone whines about SHARIA LAW!!! in the USA or elsewhere, please ask them how this is supposed to happen.

They have no answers. Then feel free to point out that they look rather silly protesting something that can’t happen.

It’ll happen if we let in the muslims.


Saudi Arabia.

the only direct unmediated implementation. Even the Iran is via code that retains civil code.

The majority of the Islamic world impelments various versions of the Code Civil with the Code Civil intepretation of Islamic law principals in the Family Code area.

Despite the scary language used, it is substantiallynot different than the way the Christian canon law shaped the family law default practice and codification - it is just more recent in the codification and is more obvious in its being done since it occured since 1900 essentiall.

By the standard of saying the Islamic law is implemented, unless you restrict it to the Saudi Arabia, Christian law is also implemented in places in Europe etc.

Then they’ll say something about Sweden and Canada and ‘no-go zones’ and blah blah blah.

How true this crap is I don’t know…i leave it to the Canadians and Swedish to sort out.

And by the way…the shitshow that is the Qatar world cup, and their enslavement of workers and the deaths of some 5000 of said slaves, and the continued sponsorship of McDonalds and Coca-Cola remains in full force.

But that would require Americans to think a bit.

It’s a lot easier just to march a couple of hours and say ‘Hey ho hey ho these Nazis must go.’

Fair enough, I thought it was a touch more widespread than that, but that wasn’t the direction of my point.

The point I was going for is that these people who are protesting against Sharia law (which is even smaller of a “threat” than I though a few moments ago) are the ones that would happily implement essentially the same things if they got to call it Biblical (Christian) law.

Yes, in fact it is more accurate, the way they would is indeed the way that the ‘Sharia’ is implemented, by the inspiration and the desire for ‘bibical’ (Quranic) inspirations.

I completely disagree.

These numbskulls are mostly larping, trolling, looking for a fight…feeling like they have moral high ground. “You’re protesting us?? So you’re PRO Sharia???” …I think i saw like TWO moron counter protesters who said 'well…its their religion man. They’re free to practice their religion."

But really…let them have their anti-Sharia marchs and their ‘free speech rallys’.

If there was no one there to argue with, they would get bored mighty quick.

But I think your assessment of their wanting to implement Old Testament Jewish law is off. IMHO. Most of those Trumpers just want to pick fights and get some Antifa moron to throw a punch.

Tell it to the cunts with rifles staring at children attending religious ceremonies, you fucking douchebag. Bunch of scared little pussies, like all the chickenhawk Trumpies, shitting their diapers in mommy’s basement.

Fuck you, pussy.

do you people use this silly word seriously?

Yes, we do.

I don’t understand the anti-Sharia movement. The 1st Amendment banned the implementation of that like 4 score and… 8 score years ago. We’re on this one, guys.

Some people on the (alt-)right are all wrapped up in watching Antifas and screaming at every opportunity about it. I’ve even had one or two demand that I, as a Democrat, apologize for and denounce them. :rolleyes: As I said, >90% of the American public would say “who?” or “what?” if you asked them their opinion of Antifas and I doubt seriously that you’d find many dems who know what they’re about and support them. As for myself, I don’t feel any need to “apologize” for people I don’t support.

See. You just wrapped up the Muslim/terrorist/anti-Muslim argument in a nutshell. Now lets all go home and let the Trumpers stand on a corner yelling “USA USA” to a bunch of pigeons.

*I doubt you’d find the most ad homineming, fight-picking, ‘proud to be an SJW’, finger-pointing liberal who ever posted here…who would say they support Antifa.