This Just In...Fox News Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Biden attends event without mask right after signing federal mandate (
Biden administration ‘radicals’ don’t want any part of unity (
Tucker Carlson: Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border and shows who he really is (
and many more condemning a Presidency that is all of 36 hours old. And Trump is the Honest Savior of Christianity, Democracy and some other stuff…

Fuck them all. If they say something true, it is purely accidental.

about 24 years too late for this to be breaking news.

More of an update as to its continued existence as a lying troll farm.

Fox New Channel is bunch of lying fucks

Who knew?

This could be a good thread to chronicle the ridiculously overblown or downright made-up ‘scandals’ that Fox News will hurl at the Biden admin giong forward.

Fox News really seems to be coming hard out of the gate with both barrels blazing (to mangle a metaphor). Now that their main mission is to attack the admin in charge, and not fawn over and be apologists for trump, I think Fox is back in its comfort zone.

This exchange I found yesterday is telling: they’re attacking the first presser with Press Secretary Jen Psaki, saying the press is throwing softball questions, and making it a big sinister conspiracy of Biden colluding with the press to make all nice and shut down transparency to the people or something. Also, how unfair it is compared to how awful and mean the press was to trump. Quote:

“Half of this country adores what President Trump had to put up with,” Schlapp opined. “The persecution of Trump and his supporters with impeachment, it is terrible politics for Joe Biden. If he wants healing, stop the madness.”

Stop the madness…really?

The left-leaning pundit on the interview Nomiki Konst was incredulous, saying “what planet are we on? It was the FIRST DAY. Psaki was basically introducing herself”.

Fox: but but but, trump didn’t get a honeymoon.

Konst: the Biden admin is treating the press like they’re reporters, not the enemy of the people from day one.

It’s worth a watch to experience the manufactured outrage:

They’re also in a narrow window. Trump will eventually get his public soapbox back in some form, but for the moment he’s not actively telling supporters to stop watching Fox in favor of OANN and Newsmax. They’ve got to show their viewership that they’re the best source for calling out libs on their lies.

I thought from the thread title that Fox has a new channel called “Bunch of Lying Fucks” and I was impressed by the transparency. Alas, it seems to only be a typo. :frowning:

Tucker Carlson ran this last night too. A shot of Joe Biden, maskless, standing all alone, not another soul in sight, at the Lincoln Memorial.

Carlson explicitly said that this proves that Biden is a hypocrite. The implicit subtext was that it also proves that COVID is a hoax, since Biden is obviously not worried about it.

Yeah, Murdoch knows that he can’t make money by being a news channel; Fox is going to crawl into the gutter with OANN and Newsmax from here on out.

Not necessarily…trump will likely never have the same soapbox he had when he was the pres with a twitter account. Also he will probably be too distracted with lawsuits and criminal cases. Very doubtful he will be able to form a trump News Network or Patriot Party, or get a platform again nearly as large as his twitter feed.

Fox was losing viewers to OANN and Newsmax for a while because even Fox became squeamish trying to continue to push the toxic alternate reality of trumpism toward the end. So OANN and Newsmax, being pure propaganda machines, picked up the slack. But now trump’s influence is fading fast, and Fox no longer has to prop up trumpism, just attack them Libs.

But you may be right, trump could claw his way back to the public eye and some form of continued relevance. And stick it to all his former allies that are now his perceived enemies-- Fox News and the Repub party. He’s a political vampire.

I only recently started tuning in to Fox to hate watch/see what goes on there. Obviously I’ve been hearing about it for years but never checked it out. It is so much worse than I could have imagined. The only thing I can liken it to is professional wrestling. The drama and histrionics; the over the top cartoonlike participants. And the stupid people that believe it’s real.

There was a Black gentleman on- author of a book that I didn’t catch the name of- and he said “there is no racism problem in America”. His theory being that Liberals are creating the whole illusion. Straight faced he said this. Probably not shocking to those who are familiar with the show but I was gobsmacked. I guess I had to see it for myself to believe how bizarre (and ridiculous) it is.

I found this chart on AllSides, which does a decent job aggregating and presenting Left, Center, and Right takes on the same stories, while acknowledging all news sources are biased to some extent (some more than others, like Fox). I am going to focus on the Center column for news going forward and stay away from stuff on the sides…

All I know is if you listened to Biden’s inauguration speech and what you heard was him accusing all Republicans of being racists and white supremacists e.g. Rand Paul, then you’re a racist and a white supremacist.

To be fair, Lincoln in that chair is 28 feet tall (if standing). That means that proper social distancing is around 25 feet to not be wearing a mask.

What, do you want Lincoln to get COVID?

Hey, you just called my parents stupid!

I’d be offended if you were not absolutely correct.

That is a good analogy, except it hardly seems fair to compare professional wrestling, which is just aiming to entertain, to the toxically false political agenda that Fox is pushing.

trump even has those WWE connections from before he was pres… Ladies and Gentlemen, here from 2007 is the future President of the United States play-acting at taking down Vince McMahon:

Well, it’s like the saying goes, You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning

Here’s criticism from a man who lasted SEVENWHOLE MONTHS as WH Chief of Staff.

Reince Priebus reacts to McConnell blasting Biden admin after calling for unity: Tough time for GOP (

Actually, in Trump time, that was a good run!

Also, I think the fact that Biden didn’t have Pigboy Spicer go out and tell a bunch of bald-faced lies about the size of his inauguration crowd probably helped a bit.

I only ask this because I’m trying to ascertain the magnitude of this particular line of bull shit.

Does anyone know how long Biden had his mask off? I get the feeling he only took it off briefly as he was standing alone outside.

This is a ludicrous graphic. It has Foxnews as the rough equivalent of CNN or the NY Times. It has MSNBC further to the extreme than Foxnews.That’s just silliness and can’t be taken seriously in any way.