The USA is loosing credibility

december, will you please read the fucking thread? In response to several posters I have explained that I am not talking about whether the policies are good or bad, whether we like them or not. There are several posts of mine trying to steer the thread away from judging US policy and restrict it to a very concise and objective issue. I have said that I am not judging anything and that even the worst SOB can have credibility. For you to come in and fucking say that I do not mean what I say is fucking annoying and just disrupting the discussion and contributing nothing. If you have nothing to contribute then please stay the fuck away. The issue is not whether I agree or disagree with what the Administration is doing. Read the fucking thread. It is fucking frustrating to have you come in and attempt to disqualify me with a personal attack without even fucking reading and understanding my posts. This fucking thread is not about whether I like the policies of the US government or not. Read the fucking title and stick to the fucking subject at hand. I am sick and tired of you and others who just take any opportunity to disrupt a thread with personal attacks. Do that again and I fucking promise you my response will be in the fucking pit.