The usbccgp.sys driver--why so difficult?

Today’s top story:

I bought a new Lexmark 2250 printer, bring it home, plug in the USB cable and power cord. Lights on, working. I put in the CD, try to install it, and it says it needs the usbccgp.sys file.

Hoping it might show up at the manufacturer’s site, I go to the Lexmark site and download the driver (23 mb), then go to unzip it and it won’t unzip due to a possible file transfer error.

I call a techie friend who says to look for it at Microsoft Update or to Google it.

I find a 24kb download by Googling, get it, and now it’s in the System but I don’t know how to type its file path when the message about the missing file still comes up.

Am I missing something fundamentally easy here? I have never had so much trouble installing a new device, and I’ve put in plenty of 'em.

sigh Someday, everyone will post computer questions which provide all the relevant info such as, oh, I don’t know, OS or even platform (PC? Mac?), for example. But not today.

Several hours of fruitless troubleshooting late at night can cause omissions…

It’s Windows XP, on a PC.

Try this. Most USB printer install modes want you to install the entire driver set before plugging in the printer.

1: Dis-connect (from the USB cable) and un-install the printer completely. The driver install setup mode often comes with an un-install option or one may exist in the list of executable files in the driver directory. If one does not exist uninstall it via the add-remove programs applet in control panel. - reboot

2: Install the software - reboot

3: Attach the printer and see if error repeats

Re the file path for usbccgp.sys simply search your system using the “search” utility off the start bar menu and locate it on your system. Point the install program to that location if it’s looking for it. Be aware that there are several versions of this file and forcing an install of an inappropriate version may cause problems. If there is one is a system directory I’d use that one before pointing to the one you downloaded.

FWIW here are my two cents…

First know your enemy. As soon as I get this sort of error message, I google to find out exactly what this missing file is supposed to be and what it is supposed to do. In the case of usbccgp.sys, it is easy to determine that it is a Windows USB driver. It is not a Lexmark printer driver so I wouldn’t be downloading and installing Lexmark drivers to try to fix this problem. Besides, you already know that it isn’t a Lexmark driver because if it was, it would have been on the Lexmark CD and you wouldn’t be getting a promt asking for it.

Ok so know we know we need a Windows XP driver. Where to search? Call me crazy, but when looking for system files I start with my system. Maybe I have the file but it is just not in the place that Lexmark expects to find it. Searching my XP Pro system just now (after making sure the search includes system files and hidden files) locates the the usbccgp.sys file in C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386 so now I know I don’t have to search the Internet or download anything. Did you try checking to see if the file was already somewhere on your system? (Perhaps you have XP Home and it isn’t included with it.)

Anyway you evidently do have a copy of the file now and you go on to say: “I don’t know how to type its file path when the message about the missing file still comes up.”

I would put the downloaded file in the Windows driver cache where I found my copy of it and type in the pathway like this:

C:\Windows\Driver Cache\i386

I hope this helps!

Success at last!

And thank you all; I did indeed read and absorb all the info here.

I wound up having to install that damn service pack from Microsoft (I think it’s an excuse for them to intrude, but it seems to have solved a number of problems, not the least of which was the printer folly. Also, it took nearly four hours to download, but I was getting desperate).

Now the .sys file is safely tucked away within the files and the printer is working (and speaking) just fine.

It just bugged me because I have never encountered this before with any of the doohickeys I’ve installed over the past few years.