The Used Car Contest: Toyota Camry vs. Honda Accord

Okay, so I’m selling my POS '96 Grand Caravan since it’s such an unreliable POS. Newly rebuilt tranny needs rebuilding again after 5,000 miles, ABS system has a faulty valve and needs $3,000 worth of work, wipers go off by themselves, etc…

I’m looking at buying a 1995-1996 Toyota Camry or Honda Accord. I’m leaning toward the Camry at the moment, because I like the styling better and I enjoyed my 1992 Celica. I’ve also driven my girlfriend’s 1996 Civic hatchback, and I don’t really like it - it struggles to accelerate and it’s road noisy, more so than I would expect from it.

I realize that most reviews rate the Camry and Accord about the same, so here’s my question: Is there any reason I shouldn’t get one or the other? Which is better with a child - safer, more convenient, etc.? Which will last longer? Which is more expensive to fix? Any ideas?


I can’t think of a reason why one of those cars is objectively better than the other. I think your best bet would be to abandon the scientific approach at this point, and just drive them and decide which one you like better. Good luck.

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Alright, then…

Well, for the sake of keeping the thread going, :slight_smile: let me ask some questions about each.

1.) To anyone with a 95-96 Camry - how do you like it? Does the paint hold up? Is it a good long-distance car - nice, quiet, smooth ride? Any big maintenance problems? What’s the most expensive part you’ve had to replace or fix?

2.) To anyone with a 95-96 Accord - same as above, plus: Can I expect better performance than that of my girlfriend’s Civic?

Anything else recommendation-wise anyone’d like to add?

They are both good choices, better-than-average cars. Pretty hard to go wrong either way.

I agree with njufoic–drive them and see how you like them. For example, you have driven your girlfriend’s Civic, we haven’t. If you drive an Accord, you can make a comparison. And if you drive a Camry, you can see how you like the ride.

I own a 1991 Honda Accord, and a 2002 Honda Accord. I used to drive a Camry consistently, and I find the Accord to be a much BETTER buy. It’s styling, ergonomics, and reliability is superior IMO. My brother owns a Civic hatchback, and it cannot compare with an accord, in the slightest.

I own a 98 camry so I can’t give you much advice on the older models, but I love my camry.

My wife and I traded in a 92 Accord for her 97 Camry. She prefers the Camry much more over the Accord. Be aware, the 4 cylinder Camrys are rather sluggish compared to a comparible Accord, get one with a V-6 if you need something with more than adequate acceleration.

As someone that knows people with both, its too close to call.

Personally, I lean towards Accords but not for any real particular reason. I just like them a bit better.

Both excellent cars

… and both are very high-theft rate cars, too.

I bought a '95 Accord for my daughter last fall. We, too, were comparing the Camry. We liked the styling of the Accord better. We were very lucky to find a beautiful car with leather interior, all electric, low mileage at a good price. I was enchanted with the car the first time I drove it. IMHO it is less of a theft risk 'cause it’s a 5 speed.

See, I also have a '90 Civic. The two cars are nowhere near each other in terms of comfort, road noise, performance. Driving the Accord is like taking a looong luxurious bubble bath; driving the Civic is like taking a quick shower. (But I do luuuuuuuuv my Civic).

Best advice: Drive each one, then make up your mind. I think either one is a good choice.

Don’t pay any mind to that experience you had in the Civic; it has no relationship with the quality of the Accord. While either one is good, I’ve ridden in my fair share of both and I’d definitely go with the Accord. There just seem to be a lot more Accords that go the distance than there are Camrys.

One data point: my wife got a used 1986 Accord with about 55K miles on it in the fall of 1990. It’s now got 253K miles on it, and we’re finally giving it away.

Had to replace the A/C compressor, of all things, twice. But it’s needed no other major work in its long lifetime.

You can’t go wrong with either one. (We’re a two Accord family btw). Be on the look out for both and snap up a good deal when you see it.


I own neither, but have driven both. If it were me I’d get the Accord, which is not surprising as I considered buying one a few years back. Reliability-wise they’re about the same ( mostly excellent ). But I find the Accord to be more enjoyable to drive. Depends what you like - If yopu prefer a car that isolates you from the outside world more completely, I’d go for the Camry. But personally, I hate that Camry/Lexus sensation of vacume-sealed sterility. Compared to the Camry, the Accord has better “road-feel” and partly for that reason more responsive handling.

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Had a friend who moved from a 93 Camry to a 95 Accord (both 4 cyl) He finds the Accord peppier but says he likes the feel of the Camry better.

I’m more of a Corolla person than a Camry person when it comes to Toyotas, but I’d like to register my vote on the Accord side. I may be biased by my beloved Ivory Destrier, but I like the light touch of Honda steering and the styling of the Accord.

However, my opinion may also be due to the fact that the two cars I’ve driven the most other than my Destrier are an '80 Corolla and an '89 Taurus, neither of which is really comparable to a top-condition '89 Accord.