The uses / reasons for spam mail...

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Spam… are people really making money out of sending me these mails which are merely ignored and deleted?

If a company sends out 10 million spam messages, how many people would need to be lured in before they would start seeing returns for their time spent?
I can understand through casual interest someone clicking into a porn link now and then, but who would possibly sign up for a loan or apply for a diploma course on line from a spam mail.
Why / How do these guys work? What is the point?

Here is a link to an article that discusses a case where a spam company is suing a man who, they allege, halted its $1000 (AUD) a day business. I don’t know how indicative that figure is of spam companies in general though. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

The thing about Spam email is that it is insanely, amazingly cheap to send, as compared to every other form of advertising/marketing known to man. It doesn’t matter if they don’t get many new customers – if they get just a few its thoroughly worth it for them. :frowning:

I strongly suspect that “spammers are marketing to spammers”. The real money is made on selling your lists to other spammers. The overwhelming majority of companies that enlist spammers find the downside is severe and don’t try again.

Then again, I also think that no one ever buys anything from telemarketers.

Sometimes, the business is not internet savvy, and a spammer will say “We can deliver your ad to X people for Y dollars”, with X being a huge number and Y being a tiny number. The business (or more probably, the marketing department) will see this as a bargain, not knowing that they will alienate their potential customers. I’ve talked to a few local businesses who spammed me, and they were all surprised by the hostile responses they got. So apparently it’s a case of professional spammers marketing their services to idiots. The spammers will get paid, even though they may not get repeat customers.